Racing exhaust PORDOI for VESPA GTS

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Why a new exhaust?

Our racing exhaust from SIP SERIES PORDOI makes quite an impression, both visually and technically. As early as the idea that came to us on the occasion of SIP Scootershop's 25th anniversary, we had the vision of creating something completely unique and reinventing the market for sports exhausts. With the PORDOI racing exhaust, SIP Scootershop brings fresh impetus to the scene and sets new standards in terms of appearance, fit and quality.

André and Basti explain the PORDOI racing exhaust
André and Basti explain the PORDOI racing exhaust

How loud is the PORDOI racing exhaust?

André and Basti tested the volume of the exhaust. The complete system consists of the manifold, the connection to the rear silencer and the rear silencer itself. The exhaust looks like the manifold of a 2-stroke motocross bike. It has a heat shield, a black end cap and two mounting holes to attach it to the engine mount. It also still has the spring connection or hooks to connect it to the manifold.

Basti took the time to remove the old exhaust and install the new one - a job that takes about half an hour. It is important that everything fits correctly and is well fastened so that there are no problems. Now the two SIPers go to test the volume of the new exhaust and find out which is louder: the Malossi, the PORDOI or the original exhaust? Louder is not better here, of course, but André and Basti think it's important to know all the facts.

Basti und André planen Testfahrten
Discussion after the test rides

Measuring noise is not as easy as it sounds. Because for older Vespas there are simpler rules to follow. So we first had to drive onto a clear track and then apply full throttle for 50 metres and then measure the noise level with a calibrated device. This gave us a numerical value that told us whether or not our Vespa met the requirements. But with modern Vespas from the 90s onwards, the situation is somewhat different. Here, you have to perform the cycle officially in a laboratory, which means that you have to drive slowly and then accelerate and brake quickly - and all within a short time. We have not yet been able to recreate this and therefore there are no "real" official measured values and therefore no ABE for our exhaust.

"But we are working on it," says André. "For this purpose, we have measured the new exhaust according to the old guidelines. We also used a calibrated device from a recognised technical service for this." This means that there is a kernel of truth in their claim that the exhaust is really quieter than a Malossi or a bit louder than an original exhaust. After they have completed the test, they stand together and discuss their impressions. Both agree that the PORDOI exhaust is louder than the original exhaust. However, André thinks that the sound of the PORDOI exhaust is more pleasant. Basti agrees and thinks that the PORDOI exhaust is also better made.

Conclusion on the SIP SERIES PORDOI racing exhaust

Overall, André and Basti are very satisfied with the test. The PORDOI exhaust is a great alternative to the original. We measured the noise of the original, the Malossi and the PORDOI exhaust system in accordance with the old regulations. We have also prepared the values for you to download and made them available. So you have a good basis if you have someone from the TÜV, GTÜ or Dekra who might get involved in such a discussion.

Attention: The exhaust has been designed for racing purposes only and is therefore not StVZO-approved.

But because it's better to hear the sound than just read about it, we have of course also made a video that you should definitely watch. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

Video: Racing exhaust PORDOI by SIP Scootershop for VESPA GTS

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