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October Special: E-Scooter Bundle BACK TO SCHOOL

Created by Dietrich Limper at 16:10 on October 11, 2021

We at SIP Scootershop have come up with something for this fall and spiced up our e-scooter bundle properly. Now there are three different BACK TO SCHOOL bundles, which make the way to school much more attractive. No mask like on the school bus, no waiting at the bus stop - no, on the contrary - with an e-scooter the day starts really great. Especially when you turn into the schoolyard, casually lock up your scooter and march into class in a good mood. Not only the blonde from your class will be really surprised, but also the loudmouth from the schoolyard will probably close his mouth.

Trittbrett Kalle City Bundle

The Kalle City has a Bosch motor and brings 350 W on the road. You can ride it in black or brown and with 14 kilos, the e-scooter is a real lightweight. The range of 25 km should easily fit for the way to school and in 5.5 hours the 36 V battery is recharged. The Bosch motor comes with the Kalle City in terms of load capacity and reliability to a higher quality level and a longer life than its predecessor model Kalle 2.0. A real highlight is the app developed by Trittbrett itself, which comes up with many innovations, sound and vision and makes the use of Kalle City a real experience.

In addition, we add ergonomic throttle grips and a lock from Masterlock Streetcuff. All this for the sensational price of 609.00 euros.

Trittbrett Emma City Bundle

For the ladies! May we introduce? The Emma City model for the uncomplicated ride through rush hour traffic. Like the Kalle City, you'll whiz along the shortest route to school at 20 km/h on this white scooter with Bosch motor. Of course, also with a 36 V battery, which is fully charged again in five to six hours. The long-life LG battery provides up to 30 kilometers of range, with an extra-strong silicone seal to protect against splashing water. But also the driver is protected from this unpleasant surprise by the special shape of the fender. Almost cult is the stylish tread made of silicone. And of course there is also the app from Trittbrett for Emma.

You don't have to worry about the weight of 14 kilos at all, because thanks to the lock from Masterlock Streetcuff, the e-scooter stays safely in front of the school. And the included throttle grips complete the perfect look. We offer you this unique bundle for the price of 619.00 euros.

Trittbrett Paul Touring Bundle

The hottest offering from the cool Trittbrett guys from the Ruhr area. The most powerful model Paul Touring provides with its 500 W Bosch motor for more power on inclines and faster acceleration. Instead of 8.5 inch tires, the Paul Touring rolls across country on 11 inch tires from brand manufacturer CST and its two hydraulic disc brakes guarantee safety and maximum comfort. A real highlight is the app developed by Trittbrett itself, which comes up with many innovations, sound and vision and makes handling Paul Touring a real experience. And the range of up to 70 km makes the Paul a real touring scooter, with which you can easily ride to soccer practice or karate class in the afternoon.

This bundle also comes with a bombproof Masterlock Streetcuff brand lock and extra ergonomic throttle grips. This e-scooter of the latest generation you get for the spectacular price of 999.00 euros!

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

Dietrich Limper works as an editor for SIP Scootershop and also writes for local and national publications. When he's not geocaching, he enjoys the amazing antics of Bayer Leverkusen.