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Modern Vespa-Blog

Scooter Zen from Japan

Created by Dietrich Limper at 14:12 on December 8, 2021

The short film "Metaverse" by Japanese director and filmmaker Hiroshi Kondo makes a swarm out of individuals that seem to move willy-nilly in one direction. Individual scooter riders dissolve, many… Read more

Modern Vespa Model Lore

Created by Stephan Hufschmid at 11:09 on September 21, 2021

In our three previous blog posts on Vespa model lore, we explained how the idea for the Vespa came about and what the Vespa models Wideframe, Largeframe and Smallframe are distinguished by. In the… Read more

Felge SIP PORDOI mit aktualisierter ABE

Created by Dietrich Limper at 11:08 on August 20, 2021

MICHELIN tyre promotion at SIP Scootershop

Created by Ralf Jodl at 12:08 on August 4, 2021

They are here! The SERIES PORDOI rims for Vespa GTS!

Created by Ralf Jodl at 11:07 on July 23, 2021

Finally they are here! The rims from our special design series PORDOI. In mid-July 2021, the big truck rolled into our yard and we looked spellbound at the loading area. Many pallets, packed with the… Read more

SIP Newsflash 2021 for MODERN VESPA

Created by Ralf Jodl at 16:04 on April 8, 2021

With our new SIP Newsflash for MODERN VESPA 2021 we present you the latest products for all Modern Vespas in a compact overview. We would especially like to highlight our brand new SIP SERIES PORDOI… Read more

Conversion Vespa Primavera Picnic Edition

Created by Ralf Jodl at 09:03 on March 26, 2021

Vespa fahren ab 15 Jahren

Created by Ralf Jodl at 18:03 on March 25, 2021

Vespa turns 75 - 1946 to 2021

Created by Ralf Jodl at 10:03 on March 15, 2021

75 years ago, on 23 April 1946, the Vespa was registered for patent. A true success story began, a design icon was born. And one of the first globalisation products of the modern age. The Vespa has… Read more

Aluminium Rims SERIES PORDOI 12 and 13 inch for Vespa GTS

Created by Ralf Jodl at 10:02 on February 24, 2021

all new and available end of march 2021: Rim Aluminium SIP SERIES PORDOI for Vespa GTS/​GTS Super/​GTV/​GT 60/​GT/​GT L 125-300ccm front/​rear 3.00 12" 10 spokes aluminium matt black KBA 53421 SIP… Read more

Piaggio recall Vespa 300 models year of manufacture 2019 and 2020

Created by Ralf Jodl at 17:10 on October 19, 2020

Protective clothing for the two-wheel driving licence

Created by Ralf Jodl at 12:05 on May 20, 2020

The Desert Vespa

Created by Ralf Jodl at 17:02 on February 13, 2020

Vespa Roadtrip Sudamérica: The Way is The Message

Created by Ralf Jodl at 14:02 on February 13, 2020


Created by Ralf Jodl at 11:01 on January 29, 2020

Our SIP SERIES PORDOI Custom Vespa is anything but standard. From front to back, newly developed parts and handcrafted products adorn the Modern Vespa. From the handmade carbon mudguard to the… Read more

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