Matscho Karatscho #3 - Vespa Cross in July 2024

Created by Dietrich Limper at 11:10 on October 31, 2023

Our still relatively young Vespa scooter cross racing series MATSCHO KARATSCHO is developing beyond the German borders from an insider tip to a popular highlight. What began in October 2022 as a test race with a hand-picked field of riders became a smash hit event in July 2023 with many participants, including Swiss, Austrians and Italians. We would like to build on this success and finally announce that a date has been found for the MATSCHO KARATSCHO 2024!

Vespa Cross in Landsberg am Lech
Dirty but happy

MATSCHO KARATSCHO #3 on 27 July 2024

The date in mid-summer was excellently received last year and therefore it should remain so. All the information below is provisional and subject to change. The best way to stay up-to-date is to check the MATSCHO KARATSCHO permanent page regularly. Please also go to the MATSCHO KARATSCHO Facebook page and click "participate" - you will then always receive the latest information. Based on our experience from the two races held, changes to the regulations are possible. These classes are currently planned

Class 1: Scooter Classic - "Large Frame" ≥ 125 ccm (e.g. Vespa Largeframe, Lambretta 1-3 series LI/GP or Heinkel Tourist)

  • 10 inch wheels

  • Engine capacity from 125 ccm

  • Drive-set swingarm in original position and design(1)

  • Fork and Frame must fit/belong to each other and be of original construction (2)

Class 2: Classic - "Small Frame" ≤ 125 ccm (e.g. Vespa Smallframe, Lambretta j-range or Simson SR50)

  • 10 inch wheels

  • Displacement not limited (3)

  • Swingarm in original position and design (1)

  • Fork and Frame must fit/belong to each other and be of original construction (2)

Class 3: Run what you brung (if it is or was a scooter)

  • Here automatic scooters of different generations can duel each other with wild conversions. The basis must be a scooter.

  • Scooter frame

  • Max. 13 inch wheels

Class 4: Moped

  • The vehicle must have been delivered with a pedal drive and a max. maximum speed of 25 km/h

  • Frame and Engine (1) must be from the same type of vehicle

  • The tyres must correspond to the original dimensions

1) Crankcases designed as original replacements are permitted.
2) Forks of Piaggio automatic models with single-sided swingarm are permitted.
3) Engine in original condition with no more than 125 cc.

Vespa Cross with Le Mans start
And action!

Vehicle safety

  • Rear view mirrors must be removed

  • Sharp edges must be covered

  • Levers must have a ball at the end

  • Headlight, Rear Light and Indicator Lens must be removed or secured with Adhesive Tape to prevent splintering

  • Throttle Grip and Throttle Slide must turn back automatically

  • Brakes and chassis must function properly

  • It must be possible to switch off the ignition from the outside

  • The Ignition Breaker must be accessible and marked

Driver safety

  • Riders must wear a closed Helmet (no Jet Helmets or Braincaps)

  • Protective gloves are compulsory

  • Sturdy footwear covering the ankles is required

  • Protectors for knees, elbows, chest and back are compulsory

Operating fluids / environment

  • It is important that no operating fluids leak or can leak from the vehicle

  • Oil, petrol and coolant tightness must be guaranteed

  • It is recommended that the oil drain screws are mechanically secured by wire or other means

  • The Tank must be securely mounted on the vehicle

  • The fuel filler neck must be able to be closed tightly

  • The fuel lines must be secured with Hose Clamps or Hose Clamps

  • If the Fuel Tap is manual, it must be marked (Petrol/Fuel: OFF)

  • The exhaust system must not show any leaks and must have a functioning, adequately dimensioned Silencer

  • In the paddock, the vehicle must be parked on an oil- and fuel-tight surface

Where can I register as a driver?

Registration and information is available at this e-mail address: [email protected]

You can find the latest news on the MATSCHO KARATSCHO Facebook page. Please select "interested" or "agree". Thank you!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

Dietrich Limper works as an editor for SIP Scootershop and also writes for local and national publications. When he's not geocaching, he enjoys the amazing antics of Bayer Leverkusen.