Isle of Wight: International Scooter Rally 2022

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The Isle of Wight is an island located off the south coast of Great Britain and is home to around 150,000 people on 381 km². The administrative centre is the small town of Newport with just over 25,000 inhabitants. The second largest town is the seaside resort of Ryde in the north-east of the island, famous for its long pier and the ferries to Portsmouth. All in all, a tranquil little town on the rough Atlantic. But once a year, everything is different here when thousands of scooter riders turn the place into a Mecca for fans of Vespas, Lambrettas, Scomadis and other two-wheelers. This is what will happen again this year, from 26 to 29 August for the "International Scooter Rally 2022", organised by of the British Scooter Rallies Association (BSRA), at Sandown Airport.

From Landsberg it is about 1,200 kilometres to this location, but Robert, Nico and Basti accepted this journey to represent SIP Scootershop on the island and to meet friends, acquaintances and new people. At 7.15am on Wednesday, the SIP Sprinter was loaded with custom scooters, products, merchandise and good humour - and the wild ride towards the Isle of Wight could begin. Many hours and two ferry journeys later, the group arrived at the event site and could start setting up the stand and the scooters. Then, dead tired, they went to bed before the first tour of the grounds on Friday.

Custom Lambretta
Very noble
Police scooter
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Rideout with 4,000 scooters

"This is my fourth time here," Robert reports, "and it's always cool how joyfully we are received by the organisers and participants. People just thank us for our work and the commitment of SIP Scootershop."

Around 6,000 friends of two- and four-strokes were on site, according to the organisers. All tent sites, hotel beds, camping and glamping accommodations were fully booked and the whole island was completely dominated by scooters and their riders for a few days. Many traders advertised their wares. Clubs presented themselves. Of course, there was a show with custom scooters, and Nico was particularly taken with it: "Of course, everything is a matter of taste, but it is always impressive how much effort the customisers put into their scooters. People just don't seem to run out of ideas. And since England has always been a Lambretta country, you see many unique models here."

In the evenings, there were celebrations centred around live music, cold drinks and well-known DJs from the scene. The British always have a sure hand when it comes to music selection and many acts that are popular with scooter riders come from the island. Those who didn't dance chatted with old and new friends, ate fish and chips or simply watched the hustle and bustle.

A highlight was of course the rideout on Sunday, in which around 4,000 scooterists took part. Even though Robert could only admire the column from the roadside, he was impressed: "It's just so cool that this small island is dominated by scooters on these days. I think we'll find a way to ride our Vespas or Lambrettas here ourselves next year. One thing is for sure: we'll be back."

The all-round successful event was overshadowed by the death of scooter rider Matthias from Hamburg, who died in a tragic accident. Our sympathy and condolences go out to the family and friends.

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International Scooter Rally 2022: Isle of Wight
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