Handlebar End Mirrors for Modern Vespa

Created by Dietrich Limper at 11:01 on January 17, 2023

Under our SIP SERIES PORDOI label, we have been producing high-quality accessories for classic and modern Vespa for years. We are always concerned with the perfect interplay of impeccable appearance and high quality. The latest result of our product designers are handlebar end mirrors for Modern Vespas, such as the Vespa GTS, GT 60 or the Vespa LX.


Rear view mirror - perfect for the requirements of the Modern Vespa

Until now, riders of most Modern Vespas have had to struggle with handlebar end mirrors that are actually made for motorbikes. Mounting them on the handlebars of the Vespa proved to be difficult and the end result was often more bad than good. With our SIP SERIES PORDOI mirrors, we have finally found a remedy, because the mounting kits make installation much easier.

The handlebar end mirrors offer a stable hold, are low in vibration and are available in various colours to match your Modern Vespa exactly. And they are E-approved, which means that they are suitable for legal operation in road traffic.

For the individual components, i.e. mirror head and mirror arm, CNC milling machines were used to process the aluminium. They were then anodised or chrome-plated. The mirror head can be easily adjusted individually via a ball joint. While riding, the mirrors sit firmly on the handlebars thanks to an additional screw on the handlebar end weight. And even at high speeds, the view to the rear remains unclouded because the mirror arm is solid and prevents vibrations. In addition, the handlebar end weights from our PORDOI series can also be mounted.

With these cool handlebar end mirrors for your Modern Vespa, we are closing a gap in the market.

Video: Fitting the handlebar end mirrors

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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