Exhaust test: SIP Road 3.0 for Vespa Wideframe

Created by André Jueterbock at 10:02 on February 23, 2024

We have had the SIP Road Racing Exhaust 3.0 for Wideframe Vespas in our programme for a while now - an in-house development that we are really proud of. And rightly so? To find out, we invited a real luminary: Salvatore "Tore" Sambataro, probably better known to most people as the "Patina Pope", because no-one trims various scooter parts to look as convincingly old as Tore. He put his extremely heavily patinated Vespa V11 with CC Corsa 175 cc Cylinder on our test bench and we checked how the new SIP Road 3.0 Racing Exhaust performed in comparison.

SIP Road 3.0 vs GPS Road vs Viper Box vs SIP Road 2.0

So one by one, the various exhaust systems(SIP Road XL Viper Box, GPS Road, SIP Road 2.0 and CC Corsa V3) are fitted and all eyes turn eagerly to the performance diagrams. The final evaluation is clear: the SIP Road 3.0 shows the best performance up to 7,000 rpm. Tore is convinced: "I would leave the SIP Road 3.0 on, because at 5,000 rpm I have five hp more. And that's exactly the moment when I can overtake someone." Facts that cannot be argued away.

SIP Road 3.0 performance diagram
The red line is the SIP Road 3.0

SIP Road 3.0 - powerful Wideframe Exhaust

The prototype tests were promising, but when we had the first production parts of this Exhaust on the test bench, we were amazed! Is the SIP Road 3.0 not only one of the best largeframe exhaust systems, but also THE best exhaust for wideframe vintage Vespas? This system is characterised by a significantly stronger power delivery, starting at the lowest engine speeds compared to other exhaust systems. On a highly tuned CC Corsa Cylinder in particular, the SIP Road 3.0 was able to record an increase of 4.3 Newton metres compared to the manufacturer's original exhaust, which corresponds to a power gain of over 20 percent, at a remarkably low engine speed level.

The quality of workmanship of the SIP Road exhaust systems, which have been produced by the same manufacturer for over ten years, makes it possible to offer a three-year warranty. The products are characterised by very good fitting accuracy, and problems such as torn mounting brackets or loose tailpipes do not occur. The design of the exhaust system is finely tuned to specific requirements, for example for Faro-Basso models, with well thought-out details such as the alignment of the clamping screw and a universally applicable solid Bracket.

A key feature of the exhaust system is the noise. The SIP Road 3.0 is based in its design on the original box exhaust of the PX models and offers a noise development that is restrained overall, but still more powerful and definite than that of an original throttle exhaust system. Overall, the SIP Road 3.0 offers a balanced package of positive features that delivers outstanding performance and a particularly pleasant power delivery, making it the ideal choice for owners of Wideframe and Faro Basso engines and ensuring a smile on every ride.

The product is based on a box in the original size of the PX Models and is characterised by a deep-drawn Exhaust Manifold, which ensures a precise design and a detachment-free gas flow. Installation is particularly easy thanks to the "Plug & Play" system. The tight manifold routing offers good freedom when leaning. The Flange is also equipped with a screw clamp and optional Springs. The article number is stamped on the product for official purposes, such as registration in vehicle documents.

At SIP with Tore and André
Tore (left) and André before the tests
On the test bench at SIP
Great Vespa, powerful Exhaust
On the test bench at SIP
Andrè pays homage to the Patina Pope

Video: SIP Road 3.0 for Vespa Wideframe

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