Event preview: Giro dei Tre Mari 2024

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What a fantastic tour we were able to take part in last year with the "Squadra SIP": the "17th Vespa Giro dei Tre Mari 2023", organised by the Vespa Club Bari, led by its president Maurizio De Pasquale. The special edition of the Giro took us and many other participants from all over the world to the unknown country of Albania. An unforgettable tour with many new impressions. The Vespa Club Bari has big plans again this year and we are delighted to be involved as a sponsor of this event for Vespa and Lambretta!

Giro dei Tre Mari 2024
Giro dei Tre Mari 2024

Calabria, Basilicata & Campania

The Vespa Club Bari has put a lot of effort into putting together a varied programme. The starting point is the Villaggio La Mantinera hotel complex, south of Praia a Mare, Cosenza, Calabria. Day trips to the Tyrrhenian Sea near Palinuro in Campania start from here. And to Oriolo, then along the Ionian coast and back inland to Castrovillari. On the last day, you can visit the nearby, uninhabited island of Dino in the Gulf of Policastro by motorboat. Various caves are worth seeing there.

The provisional programme: Giro dei Tre Mari 2024

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THURSDAY, 30 May 2024

Arrival of the participants. Registration with the support of our "Giubbe Rosse" team

18.00: Briefing in the "CONFERENCE ROOM" at Villaggio La Mantinera, Praia a Mare

21.00: Dinner together / Overnight stay

FRIDAY 31 May 2024 / 1st Ride "Tyrrhenian Sea", 174 km

From 7.00: Breakfast

From 08.00: Departure from the pedestrian area in Piazza Italia, Praia a Mare.

Approx. 11.30: Reception check on the beach promenade of Sapri

Approx.13.00: Reception check in Palinuro, with guarded car park in Piazza Virgilio.

16.00: Reception check in SS18 Maratea.

Approx.17.30: Return to Villaggio La Mantinera.

From 20.30: Dinner together / Overnight stay

SATURDAY, 1 June 2024 / 2nd Ride "Ionian Sea" 264 km

From 7.00: Breakfast

From 9.00: Departure from the entrance to Villaggio La Mantinera

Approx.12.00: Reception check in Oriolo

Approx.13.00: Recommended stop at "La Taverna del Macellaio" at the junction between the SS106 and the SS481

Approx.15.00: Reception check in Castrovillari

17.30: Return to Villaggio La Mantinera.

20.30: Dinner together / Overnight stay

SUNDAY, 2 June 2024 / 3rd Ride "All of us at sea"

From 7.00: Breakfast

From 09.30: Meeting point on the beach of Villaggio La Mantinera

10.00: Visit to the caves of Dino Island by motorboat. Max. 25 people allowed per boat.

Approx. 13.00: Lunch, end of the event, farewell.

Dreamlike: By scooter through Calabria

Registration and information

The number of participants is limited to 200 this year. Here is the direct link to registration. All further information about the Giro dei Tre Mari 2024 can be found on the organiser's homepage. There you will find all the necessary documents to download in the news section.

Video: 17. Vespa Giro dei Tre Mari 2023

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