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Engine body for a Piaggio Ciao moped

Created by Dietrich Limper at 13:01 on January 29, 2023

In this series we present a somewhat different project, because our apprentice Elvis and customer advisor Ruben, the "SIP Blech Bros.", are building a Piaggio Ciao moped for the cross race in 2023. Whether everything works out with the "Chaos Ciao" as the two imagine, what parts are needed and what adversities they encounter can be experienced in this exciting and educational series. Up close and personal, instead of live!

Part 4

"Never give up!" is Elvis' motto. Although the third episode of this series ended in a mediocre disaster, but - believe it or not - the "Chaos Ciao" rattles the first metres across the yard of the SIP Scootershop. Elvis still has three and a half hours until the start of the test race on the in-house Vespa Cross track. That's a good time to casually change the carburettor, isn't it? And Ruben shows up again too! With pilot's goggles and a zest for action. At some point it almost seems as if half the SIP staff has been called in to get the Ciao up and running. Will it be ready in time? Find out in the last and fourth part of this popular series about the "SIP Blech Bros.". Enjoy!

Video: We build a Ciao moped engine 4

Part 3

The third part around the "Chaos Ciao" is ill-starred. Elvis is alone, there is no trace of Ruben. It is not explained where the second Tin Brother has gone, but Basti selflessly steps in as a substitute and tries to save what can no longer be saved. If you want to see what can go wrong with a project, then you've come to the right place. Luckily the whole workshop didn't burn down, although the fuel runs like beer at the Oktoberfest. Will the Ciao at least start in the end? How does Elvis deal with setbacks? You'll see all that and much more in this frighteningly unsparing video.

Video: We build a Ciao moped engine 3

Part 2

We continue with our tin brothers Ruben and Elvis who, despite the final breakdown in the first part, continue to screw and tinker undaunted. After Bauchi is allowed to make a lame baker's joke, they start assembling the engine housing for the "Chaos Ciao". If you want to know why a moped goes faster to the west than to the east, why Ruben literally runs, whose mother is at the start and what Elvis means when he says: "The moped shouldn't go fast", you should definitely not miss this episode. Here, well-founded specialist knowledge is conveyed in an uncomplicated way.

Video: We build a Ciao moped engine 2

Part 1

The first episode is about assembling the engine and they introduce the parts: Original engine case, cylinder, racing crankshaft, used Polini cylinder head, HPI electronic ignition, carburettor and a Giannelli exhaust. And then it's time to get started ... There's milling, drawing, cleaning and Bauchi gets to tell a joke that's not inappropriate for young people. And if the two young mechanics get stuck, Google is quickly at hand and serves as a friendly, silent helper. In this video, you can find out whether the crankshaft turns in the end.

Video: We build a Ciao moped engine 1

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

Dietrich Limper works as an editor for SIP Scootershop and also writes for local and national publications. When he's not geocaching, he enjoys the amazing antics of Bayer Leverkusen.