EICMA 2022 - the news for Vespa & Lambretta

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From a scooter perspective, the EICMA 2022 in Milan was dominated by the new Vespa GTS models. But the big competitor of the 60s, Lambretta, is also coming up with a new top model. It was also exciting for the visitors to see whether the fair would return to its old size and importance after the abolition of most Corona restrictions.

The first port of call was the Piaggio stand. Here, the new VESPA GTS was elaborately presented. However, the innovations were more of a slight facelift. Only the parallelogram support on the front fork seems to be a technical advance. You can read more about this in this special report.

Lambretta: A challenge to the top dog Vespa.

Within sight of Vespa's appearance, Lambretta is showing off its new models. The new top model, the Lambretta G350, throws down the gauntlet to Vespa's new GTS. More displacement and more power than the top dog from Pontedera rekindle the old rivalry. The whole thing is guided by a monocoque steel construction, similar to the Vespa design. For traditionalists, the new interpretation of the design classic from Milan will take some getting used to. However, anyone who gives the Vesps of the automatic era a chance should do the same with this Lambretta.

Clearly the most spectacular novelty among the scooters was to be found at the Italjet stand. The Dragster 500 GP is an absolute eye-catcher. It combines the usual aggressive lines of the Dragster models with a 450 cc engine and a motorbike chassis. However, it remains to be seen whether the combination of engine power (43 hp) of a large scooter with foot gears and a superbike look can convince the clientele.

Italjet wants to get it right with this dragster

News for Classic Vespas

In 2022, many manufacturers of spare parts and accessories for classic manual scooters, who were still regularly represented in the years before Corona, were missing. So unfortunately there was little to discover. Polini presented a new exhaust for the 150 cc Evo cylinder for Vespa Smallframe models. But even at this stand, the most interesting innovations were for the new Vespa models with automatic transmission: new ECUs for GTS 300 and Sprint models, as well as a new exhaust for the Vespa Sprint.

Most of the new ideas for classic Vesps were to be seen at the Pinasco-stand. The highlight was a new racing cylinder for Vespa PX 200 models with 72 mm bore, which will poach in the territory of the M244 Quattrini. An engine kit with 251 cc will also be available for Vespa smallframe models in the future and the engine cases for Vespa largeframe models will be equipped with a third bearing for the drive shaft in the future.

Pinasco presents an unusual concept for converting a Vespa to electric drive with its "Eureka" kit. The original swing arm is still used here. Only the crankshaft and cylinder have to be replaced. The crankshaft is replaced by an angle drive and the cylinder by an electric motor. The parts are bolted to the original mounting points. A principle that Pinasco has patented. A range of 50 km and a top speed of 50 km/h should be possible with the kit.

MALOSSI presented an interesting riding simulator, beyond that there was the impressive brand range but little real news to discover.


Unfortunately, the EICMA has not yet returned to its old form. Especially for fans of classic shift scooters, there is less to discover than three years ago. Small exhibitors in particular are obviously finding it difficult to return to the fair. But even large manufacturers seem to be hesitant. BMW and the KTM brands, for example, were completely absent. Unfortunately, this is a real loss of attractiveness for EICMA. However, it is to be hoped that more companies will return in the following years. No picture or report on the Internet can replace a live impression of the exhibits and contact with the people who sell the products. So it was also a lot of fun to be on site in Milan in 2022. We will be back, no question about it.

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