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Created by Ralf Jodl at 17:03 on March 24, 2020

The purpose determines the selection

What kind of guy are you?

To make it easier for you to choose, we have divided our portfolio into three categories. Of course, there are also scooters that fit into several categories or do not fulfil all the criteria. It is then worth taking a look at the features that are particularly important to you in the second step.

  • Cityhopper: Are you frequently travelling in the city and want to take the E-Scooter with you on the bus/train or to the office? Then you'll find what you're looking for here.
  • Cruising: This category is just right for you if you want to go on longer trips and be comfortable when travelling.
  • FUN: Are you looking for an extra portion of E-Scooter fun, e.g. off-road? Then the FUN category category is just right for you.

Cityhopper - the small lightweight E-Scooter

Do you live on the top floor of an old flat in the city or do you mainly want to use your E-Scooter to supplement public transport? Then you'll find what you're looking for in the "Cityhopper" category. The following factors were particularly important to us here:

  • Weight: The E-Scooter should not be too heavy so that you can carry it easily. Heavy is relative, right! As a guide: Our portfolio covers scooters between 13 and 22 kg. As a city hopper, a weight under 15 kg would be good.
  • Folding size: It is very important to know the dimensions of the scooter when folded to take it on the bus or train or in the car. For example, if the handlebar grips can be folded down, the width will be considerably smaller.
  • Removable battery: Some models (not all city hoppers) also have a removable battery. This can be an important factor! With a permanently integrated battery, you always have to park the whole scooter at a socket for charging (for example in your home!), otherwise just the battery.
  • Riding comfort: With the typical city hopper, you sometimes do without features that make long journeys comfortable. These include, for example, wide Footboards, wide Handlebars and heavy suspension elements. Why? Because all of this affects the overall weight and you want to keep it as low as possible.
  • Battery power/range: Every E-Scooter should be able to cover a minimum range of 20 km, even a lighter city hopper. For most manufacturers, the battery capacity has a direct influence on the vehicle weight because a larger battery is usually heavier. However, while the cruising category has a range of between 40 and 60 kilometres, the vehicles in the city hopper category have a range of around 20-30 kilometres.

Cruising category - your partners for the journey into the blue

Would you like to use your E-Scooter for longer distances and not always have to plug it in straight away? Then you've come to the right place. The comfortable cruisers with range are perfect for short trips, shopping, travelling to university or exploring your holiday destination.

The following factors were particularly important to us in the Cruising category:

  • Battery power/range: The range of your E-Scooter depends on several factors. First and foremost, however, it simply depends on how much power the Battery provides and how much the E-Scooter consumes. Some manufacturers have also installed sophisticated energy management and recovery systems in order to consume less power. The products in the cruising category can cover at least 25 km, and in peak cases even up to 65 km (according to the manufacturer) on one battery charge.

Background: The manufacturers specify the battery performance either in watt hours or in ampere hours. The watt hours are the more meaningful value, as only this provides information on how long the scooter can be powered at a certain output. Example: At 250 W continuous power, 500 watt hours are sufficient for two hours of operation.

  • Comfort : A wide, long Footboards and a comfortable, wide Handlebar can make all the difference on longer journeys. In this respect, a cruising model simply performs better than a city hopper. Added to this is the ability to cope with the odd pothole. Cruisers score points here with either large pneumatic tyres or additional suspension elements. However, they are usually somewhat heavier.
  • Motor power and control: The "Cruising" category includes scooters with between 250 and 500 W of power. As the maximum speed in Germany is limited to 20 km/h anyway and almost all scooters would go faster without a limiter, the difference in power is mainly important for acceleration and, for example, for mastering inclines. However, the motor control also plays a role here. For example, the Metz Moover (250 W) has proven to be a real mountain goat in our own tests, sometimes even outperforming the 500 W models.
  • Weight: And here comes the bad news: Large batteries, suspension elements and wide frames very often also have an effect on the weight of the E-Scooter. The candidates are therefore more likely to be found in the upper weight classes. The GO!MATE staep is the lightest candidate here at just 13.2 kg, while the Segway Ninebot weighs in at a whopping 19.5 kg. However, the comparison is not entirely fair, as the Segway has an incredible 65 km range and the GO!MATE only 35 km. The good news is that you hardly notice the difference in weight between the cruising models. Only when carrying it!

Category Fun - no rules, just feeling

Want to experience the street surfer feeling of the GO!MATE staep series at full throttle or dare to take a jump or two off-road with the fat 800 watt peak power of the IO HAWK Exit Cross? In the "FUN" category, you will find everything that is fun and only models that offer more than you would actually expect from an E-Scooter.

Here are two examples:

The Streetsurfer ER1 and ER2 from GO!MATE come with a Footboards made of multi-layered glued wood. Similar to a skateboard, this creates a spring effect - without any heavy wearing parts such as Shock Absorbers. In combination with the large pneumatic tyres, this creates the irresistible feeling of surfing along the road. The hydraulic TEKTRO Disc Brake with 140 mm Washers ensures rapid deceleration. GO!MATE has also come up with something special in terms of the frame geometry. The classic V-fork at the rear with a 250 W Engine in the 12" rear wheel is combined with a single-sided Fork with a 16" front wheel at the front. This high-tech part is not only fun to ride, but is also individually manufactured by hand in Germany. So here you get a genuine Made in Germany product!

The Exit-Cross PREMIUM from IO HAWK may weigh 22 kg, but it also offers plenty of power. The 500 watt rear wheel motor provides plenty of propulsion and even manages inclines of up to 20 degrees. The Footboards are almost twice as wide as a conventional E-Scooter and provide maximum grip. In addition, the built-in Shock Absorbers absorb a lot of shock. In combination with the 10-inch cross Tyres, there is a real off-road feeling and the best grip even on wet roads. Speaking of weather: Thanks to the IP54 certification and the robust design, it is also possible to ride in rainy weather or even snow. Two Disc Brakes ensure proper deceleration. In the Premium version, there is a mechanical Disc Brake at the front and a fully hydraulic Disc Brake at the rear.

Ralf Jodl
Ralf Jodl

Ralf is managing director and co-founder of SIP Scootershop. He has been riding Vespa since 1990 and even today the working day starts best for him when he rides to the SIP headquarters in Landsberg on his Rally 200. Otherwise he owns a 180 SS, a 160 GS and a VM2 fenderlight Vespa.