E-bike tuning with SpeedBox Tuningchip

Created by Dietrich Limper at 09:05 on May 3, 2022

The SpeedBox brand has long stood for reliable tuning for e-bikes from a wide range of manufacturers. These include models from well-known producers such as Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano, Brose, Panasonic and Bafang. With the tuning modules of the Czech manufacturer, it is possible to deactivate the speed limiter of the e-bike and thus achieve a higher speed on private property. Especially if you are on the road for a longer distance straight and would like a little more support, it is thus the ideal gadget.

The technical basics and prejudices

Tuning modules like the SpeedBox 1.0 remove the speed limit. In Germany, this is 25 km/h, at which the support of the electric motor is usually switched off. The tuning module cancels this cut-off, which means that the power of the electric motor can also be felt at higher speeds.

Those who are now worried that this will have an extremely negative effect on the general lifetime of the battery can rest easy. Usually, e-bike models in other countries are available without this limitation and are thus also designed and conceived for higher speeds. The battery will probably run out faster, but nothing else will happen. The braking performance is also not affected by this. Sure, those who drive faster will have a longer braking distance and higher wear. Functionally, however, this has no effect on the braking process. Nevertheless, it is recommended to always wear a helmet for your own safety, as in normal road traffic.

Installation of the SpeedBox tuning module

Simply unscrew the crank, then remove the associated fairing - and you have access to the cable. Important: Which tool is needed always depends a bit on the e-bike model. The SpeedBox tuning module is installed using the original connector plugs, which more or less eliminates the possibility of accidental misconnection.

Before removing the crank, simply unscrew the (Torx) screws counterclockwise and remove the cover. Thereupon two cables can be seen. Usually one colorful and one in red/black. For the latter cable, we take a bent needle-nose pliers and simply pull out the connector. Now we put the SpeedBox 1.0 in between. Then put the red/black cable with the tuning module back in, screw everything shut, fix the crank and you're done.

It is important that the cable is positioned so that there is enough clearance for the construction. Another little tip: The Speedbox 1.0 comes with staple pins, these are super useful for the installation to better fit the cables.

After installing the SpeedBox 1.0 tuning module, the display of the e-bike will continue to show the values up to 22 km/h. Beyond that, however, the displayed speed does not increase due to the modulation. One more note: The SpeedBox 1.0 does not offer app support, so the module is permanently active. However, the tuning module can be removed just as easily as it is installed. If you want a SpeedBox with app connection, you will also find it here in our store. Simply follow this link.

You can see how the installation works in detail, what you have to consider during the installation and how it works in the test in the corresponding video below.

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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