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Created by Dietrich Limper at 13:03 on March 20, 2023

SIP Scootershop presents: "The Beast"! The SEGWAY-NINEBOT Max G30D II e-scooter is a true marvel of technology in and of itself, but even more can be made of it. And that's where MONORIM comes in: the company offers high-quality, stylish and well thought-out custom parts for e-scooters that take the vehicle to the next level. Whether tyres, steering or shock absorbers - with the products from MONORIM, the beast learns to fly. And the best thing is: you can buy this unique e-scooter from us just like that. Below you will find more information about "The Beast" and how you can get this unique item.

But first, let's take a look at the SEGWAY-NINEBOT Max G30D II.


  • Built-in adapter for quick and easy charging

  • 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride and additional inner coating to reduce the risk of punctures

  • Rear wheel drive motor for an optimal riding experience

  • Two independent brakes and a regenerative braking system for increased safety and stability

  • Vehicle identification number and a holder for the insurance number plate are provided

  • Foldable lever for easy transport and storage

  • 20% incline angle for comfortable riding

  • IPX5 protection for the entire body - IPX7 protection for core components

  • Loud bell and side reflectors to increase your safety while riding

  • Ride modes: Eco, Drive, Sport and Pedestrian modes for comfortable riding

  • Colour display that provides you with real-time riding information

  • Front and rear LED lights for increased safety in low-light conditions

  • Bluetooth connectivity: vehicle information and firmware upgrades available via the Segway Ninebot app

  • Smart battery management system closely monitors battery performance

Now we've taken this e-scooter and turned it into "The Beast". Here you can check out exactly what we've installed:

The tyres from MONORIM

We chose the tubeless black MONORIM Honeycomb 10.2 inch off-road ty res for the front and rear wheels, because they stand for an extra portion of fun and enjoyment off-road. For the road, these tyres are only suitable to a limited extent, because caution is required here, especially in fast bends. For asphalt cowboys, we recommend the solid rubber tyres from MONORIM.

Honeycomb front tyres

But since we want to go off-road with "The Beast", we are well equipped with the MONORIM Honeycombs. Especially on rough ground, these tyres show their strength and provide a very smooth ride. They are the ideal complement to the V4 chassis and are precisely matched to it.

All bumps such as roots or stones are easily overcome and this driving experience can even be improved if we fit steering dampers and shock absorbers. So let's go back to the workshop and get to work on the SEGWAY NINEBOT! After all, we don't want to drive, we want to fly.

The steering damper from MONORIM

Now it's getting really groovy, because a steering damper calms down the ride with "The Beast" immensely. Unwanted vibrations are absorbed, and so we tame our wild horse with these absorbers.

The steering damper in action

If you want to make a 180-degree turn every now and then, you will feel the effect of this hydraulic aluminium attachment in no time. Even if you have to drive a few metres one-handed, the steering damper gives you a feeling of safety and stability.

But of course we are also interested in the visual effect when we pimp our SEGWAY NINEBOT. And in this respect, the steering damper from MONORIM is a real eye-catcher. It is available in black or red anodised - personal taste decides. Now our e-scooter has already become a real glider, but it gets even better.

Shock absorbers for the front wheel from MONORIM

Now we are entering the top class with our custom e-scooter "The Beast", because we are installing mechanical shock absorbers on the front wheel. The comfort increases and the feeling of safety can hardly be topped.

Shock absorbers on the front wheel

Most e-scooters come without suspension from the factory, and the SEGWAY NINEBOT is no different. But with the V4 suspension, MONORIM provides a remedy, because now it can be individually adjusted to the user. The scope of delivery includes two different springs with different degrees of hardness, which can be exchanged according to the user's wishes. From now on, potholes and curbs are no longer insurmountable obstacles, but we take them easily and casually.

Do the shock absorbers look good? Under guarantee. We have the choice between black, blue or gold design. We opted for the black version and the scope of delivery includes everything from the holder for the mudguard to the new reflector sticker.

Shock absorber for the rear wheel by MONORIM

So, now we give our SEGWAY NINEBOT the rest! And by that we mean the mechanical shock absorbers for the rear wheel of "The Beast". Tuning in a class of its own thanks to these shock absorbers with built-in splash protection against unpleasant surprises in the rain.

The rear shock absorber

The axle suspension is solid and gives a much more solid feeling and agile handling. We don't have to worry about bumps in the road any more, at last we literally fly along. Assembly is easy, because all tools and small parts are included in the scope of delivery, so that we quickly get to the ultimate e-scooter.

The design is sporty and the shock absorbers are available in six different versions: from black/gold to red/black. With this, we have transformed our SEGWAY NINEBOT into a luxury class e-scooter and can cruise relaxed through woods and fields. A new driving experience is definitely guaranteed.

Is there still room for improvement with MONORIM?

Even though we are very satisfied with our SEGWAY NINEBOT at the moment, there is still room for improvement. We have given "The Beast" a black, waterproof handlebar bag from MONORIM so that mobile phone, keys or wallet are safely stowed away. With that, we are ready for our flight through the terrain.

If you want to upgrade even further, you can use grips in different colours, increase the engine power, install a lock or mount a different footboard. There are fairings for the frame and fairings for the mudguard and and and ....

The best thing to do is to take a look at everything we have in our range at MONORIM and then plan how you want to officially pimp your e-scooter.

Buy "The Beast" complete. One-time offer!

We offer you the unique opportunity to buy this e-scooter from the video completely pimped. You don't have to screw or attach anything - the pimped SEGWAY-NINEBOT Max G30D II is ready for use right away. So if you want to whizz around the countryside with "The Beast", you'd better get your hands on it fast. First come, first served, er, rides, er, flies!

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Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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