Custom Creations: Rothman's Vespa racer

Created by Dietrich Limper at 13:11 on November 29, 2023

When Jens Kruse from Mölln sits in his workshop in winter, he studies specialist scooter literature and sorts through all the custom projects he has already realised in his life - and there really are quite a few. But the member of the Vandalising Sabberköppe Lübeck never runs out of ideas.

Jens Kruse

A tribute to PM-Tuning

The scooter featured in this episode of "Custom Creations" is the ultimate Vespa racer of the 80s: Rothmans, built by PM-Tuning. Jens didn't build an exact replica, but rather a kind of homage with some modern parts "as PM-Tuning might build it today". The result is at least as worth seeing as the original. He did everything on this Vespa himself, from the paintwork to the galvanisation. And Jesco is not only pleased that his favourite exhaust(PM Tuning Up & Over) has been installed here, but also about the Brake Caliper from SIP.

Jens hints that there will be more custom scooters from his workshop, and of course we are looking forward to that. Let's see whether a world first from Mölln will be on show in Kalkar in 2024.

Rothmans Special

Greetings from the 80s
With Jesco's favourite exhaust

Video: Rothmans Special

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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