Custom Creations: Lambretta Soulsation

Created by Dietrich Limper at 09:01 on January 24, 2024

In our "Custom Creations" series, we regularly present creative, exciting and rare conversions of Vespas and Lambrettes. In this episode, Jesco travels to Italy, to the famous Rimini Lambretta Centre. A very rare Lambretta awaits him there, which has been customised by a lady, which is admittedly not exactly an everyday occurrence.

Isabella Rimini Lambretta

Soul music and Motown

Isabella has been with Rimini Lambretta since she was 17 years old and set up the shop together with Dean Orton and others. She owns several Lambrettes, but the "Soulsation" has a special place in her heart. The scooter is a tribute to soul music in general and the Jackson Five band in particular, in which the seven-year-old Michael Jackson became the lead singer in 1966. The colours of the Lambretta are based on the 4-CD box set of the same name from 1955, which contains all the recordings made when the band was under contract to the Motown label (1969-1976).

When the Lambretta becomes a nightmare

The Lambretta itself is a very rare model in Italy, as the TV 200 from 1964 was never produced for this market. Isabella found it in Greece and rebuilt it from scratch in 2013. From the paintwork, original chrome parts from Ulma and a Rear Light from the USA to small, fine details such as the "Tamala Mowton" logo, this Lambretta really is a medium-sized sensation. And Isabella calls the interior a "nightmare", because it takes her "a whole day to clean and polish the chrome parts."

We would like to thank Isabella for this fascinating look at her Lambretta and wish her continued enjoyment with her passion for two-wheelers and soul music.

Lambretta Soulsation detail
Attention to detail
Chrome parts on the Lambretta Soulsation
The Engine: Isabella's personal nightmare

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Custom Creations „Soulsation“
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