Christmas 2021: Gift ideas around the Vespa

Created by Dietrich Limper at 17:11 on November 18, 2021

At SIP Scootershop we are well aware that once again this Christmas will not be "business as usual". The current situation is worrying and many people are going through sorrowful times. It is all the more important to us that the "Feast of Love" lives up to its name this year and brings warmth and light into the cold, dark winter. And we all look forward to the Christmas days spent with our families and friends, gathering strength and confidence for the months ahead. The following ideas and suggestions for gifts, around the hobby Vespa and scooter, should help to make Christmas 2021 a very special one. We would like to contribute to the fact that on Christmas Eve for many hours joy reigns and shining eyes enchant the world. We wish you all an Advent season full of anticipation.

Small gifts for Vespa and scooter fans

It's often the little things that bring joy at Christmas. A Vespa lighter in Zippo style, a cool patch for the jacket, a magnet for the fridge, a key chain or a cuff button for dad. The household can also be neatly spiced up with our ideas: Floor mats make it immediately clear to every visitor what the hearts of the residents beat for. Towels beautify the bathroom in winter and attract attention at the lake in summer. Stylish posters are not only for the garage or workshop, but can also impress in a frame in the living room. In the kitchen, tea towels, mugs and matching coasters create a Vespa mood. A metal sign becomes a real eye-catcher and if you then still stand in the stylish apron at the stove and casually serve a glass of wine - your guests will be thrilled. Meanwhile, the table may be covered with corresponding napkins. Add salt and pepper and you're ready to slice the Italian pizza with a Vespa. We wish you bon appétit! After this culinary highlight, of course, you have the most beautiful dreams in the Vespa bed linen. And the breakfast including Prosecco the next morning is of course stylishly brought to bed on the matching boards.

Great gift ideas for the young Vespa fans

What can't be paid for at all with money, but becomes visible through the perfect gift? Shining children's eyes, of course, and for kids we have so much in the program: To bridge the time until Christmas Eve, there is nothing better than an Advent calendar: And from our calendar young and old will be equally excited, because they can build a Vespa Super 150 together in the 24 days before Christmas. Decorating the Christmas tree is of course a very special ritual and it's great fun to secretly hide a Vespa Christmas tree ball in the evergreen. And the tea light carousel with Vespa motif can also be placed inconspicuously next to the christmas scene.
The great models of Vespas and cars are wonderful to play with. For the young ladies, the doll "Steffi with City Scooter" is certainly a successful alternative. With a children's scooter, the little ones feel like mom or dad on their two-wheeler, plus the matching cheerful children's helmet and a snazzy T-shirt - the junior Vesperisti is ready to go. If the kids are now seriously considering motorizing at an early age, a matching money box should increase their motivation. The hidden object puzzle not only keeps them busy, but the motif invites them to search and discover. And on the holidays, the big people have time to play a sociable card game or the Vespa quiz with the kids at the Christmas table. When it's time to go back to school after the vacations, not every child can put such a colorful pencil pouch on their desk. And of course, the slightly older kids will be especially happy about our "Back To School" e-scooter bundle under the Christmas tree. That's really something different.

Fashion and more for Vespa and scooter

Clothing we also have in store for adults. And who is not happy about a pair of socks under the Christmas tree? Because monotonous socks are replaced by motif-strong Kickstarter Socks and numerous T-shirts, hoodies, caps and hats give every scooter look the finishing touch. A high-quality helmet, combined with a jacket and jeans, for a ride on the scooter or motorcycle, are perfect gifts not only for Vespa fans. If you also present the fashionable bag or the practical backpack, every occasion should be saved. As if that were not enough, most things can be presented so beautifully under the tree with our wrapping paper that you do not even want to unwrap them.

Vouchers and opening hours

The above examples are just a small selection from our range of Christmas gifts around Vespa and scooters. At SIP Scootershop everyone will find a gift for family, friends and scooter fans. And if all strings break and the presentee should rather decide for himself - exactly for this we have the popular SIP vouchers (25, 50 or 100 Euro) on offer.

We are open for you between Christmas, New Year and also afterwards! We are closed on Friday 24.12. (Christmas Eve) as well as on 31.12. (New Year's Eve) and on Thursday 6. January (Epiphany).

We wish you all a nice pre-Christmas period, Merry Christmas and a happy new scooter season 2022!

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

Dietrich Limper works as an editor for SIP Scootershop and also writes for local and national publications. When he's not geocaching, he enjoys the amazing antics of Bayer Leverkusen.