Catalogue SIP Summer 2024: Fashion & Accessories

Created by Dietrich Limper at 07:06 on June 6, 2024

When we published the first fashion & travel lookbook in 2109, we were simply overwhelmed by the demand. Over the following years, someone kept saying during a meeting: "We have to bring out a new edition!" Half a decade later, we've finally done it. Just in time for the 2024 season, we can present you with the new version. This time with even more practical clothing, travel items and all kinds of accessories and eye-catchers. The Catalogue is available at ISSUU to browse through directly online or as a free package with your next order in our online shop!


Fashion & protection

The new "Summer 2024 - Fashion & Accessories" lookbook offers something for everyone, whether scooterist or Vespisti, on 32 full A4 pages. Clothing that goes far beyond the insert on the scooter or motorbike and can also be worn in leisure time: Gloves, T-shirts with cool motifs from all over the world, protective clothing for everyday use, various helmets, Jeans for him and her, Neck Scarfs, Jackets, Socks and Shoes. From popular brands such as DMD, John Doe, Holy Freedom, Deus, Revit, 70s, Piaggio, Tucano Urbano, HUC and SIP Scootershop.

Accessories & Travelling

Gifts, toys, decorations and accessories for every age and every occasion: birthdays, weddings, Christmas or to spruce up your workshop and garage. Tourers and travellers will find an exclusive selection of Bags, Backpacks and protection against bad weather. The lookbook "Summer 2024 - Fashion & Accessories" is a handy guide and invites you to browse and browse. We wish you lots of fun, a safe journey at all times and a fantastic 2024 season.

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

Dietrich Limper works as an editor for SIP Scootershop and also writes for local and national publications. When he's not geocaching, he enjoys the amazing antics of Bayer Leverkusen.