Built not Bought Spreewaldring 2021 by SIP Scootershop

Created by Jesco at 16:06 on June 21, 2021

Anyone can buy a motorbike or an old Vespa. OK, not every motorbike is affordable for every wallet, but there is enough choice on the market to make all interested parties happy on two wheels. Not everyone can build a Vespa, Lambretta or motorbike. Whether rebuilding, rebuilding again, rebuilding from scratch, everything requires special knowledge and skills. More importantly, it requires the will, the desire and the enthusiasm to invest time, money and nerves in your vehicle, in short: the passion for a vehicle.

So when an event takes place that is explicitly aimed at self-built two-wheelers, not simply purchased motorbikes, it is foreseeable that this event will be very entertaining. Not only particularly exceptional vehicles roll up to the starting line here, but also riders and visitors are a "who's who" of experts and tuners from the most diverse scenes.

Built not Bought 2021

As soon as you enter the event site, it quickly becomes clear that Petrol Head is in the right place here. Almost every conceivable type and year of motorbike can be found under the riders' pavilions. Converted for use on the race track. Even pre-war models and expensive collector's items are not spared.

The riders compete in different classes, which are more thematic than the classic engine capacity limits of racing classes. There are, for example: Trackoiler, Cafe Racer, Two-Stroke, Vespa, Lambretta, Classic Super Bike, etc.

An absolute highlight for the spectators are the sidecars. Divided into two categories, high-legged 50s sidecars on thin tyres will race against 80s touring sofas, classic Guzzi or BMW "Kneeler" and even 70s 2-stroke racing sidecars. On each type of sidecar, the co-drivers try to shift the weight optimally with spectacular gymnastic exercises in the curves. A show that is worth the journey alone. When the carburettors of a 500cc 4 cylinder 2-stroke king engine are fully opened at the exit of the bend and the drive wheel drifts at 10,000 rpm in search of propulsion, a sound carpet is created that gives every engine fan goose bumps.

Jesco from the SIP Scootershop Team finds shelter

Unfortunately, no racing was possible this year. The event could only take place under strict Corona measures. Unfortunately, this included that neither spectators were allowed nor a race could take place. Only training was allowed in the different classes. The organisers and participants adhered to the regulations in an exemplary manner. Nevertheless, it was a successful event for the riders. Due to the length of the event of three days, there was more than enough "track time". Especially on the track of the Spreewaldring every lap is worthwhile.

Hopefully next year the event will be back with a full programme. What the organisers have put together deserves a lot of spectators. We'll be back, no question about it!


Jesco is our product manager and technical editor. Many people know him from his videos on SIP Scootershop TV, where he presents tutorials, stories and products.