Are Wind Shields useful on the Vespa?

Created by Dietrich Limper at 10:02 on February 2, 2024

In this video, Nico deals with a topic that divides opinion: Wind Shields on the Vespa. The opponents of these transparent helpers rail against their appearance, but the only answer is: a matter of taste. Just take a look at the arguments for and against Wind Shields and make your own judgement. The fact is that a Wind Shield on a scooter does not automatically mean that the rider has reached retirement age.

Wind Shields: A brief overview

The low Wind Shields, also known as Flyscreens, are around 75 cm high and offer little protection against outside influences. However, they can protect your sat nav, mobile phone and instruments well and keep them visible at all times. They are also a real visual treat.
A medium-height Wind Shield (approx. 420 mm) offers effective protection against wind and rain. Some models are wider to also protect your hands from bad weather. The biggest advantage of such a Wind Shield is the improved aerodynamics. This often results in a reduction in wind noise and turbulence in the head area and can even contribute to a slight increase in top speed in some circumstances.
A high design Wind Shield, starting at around 530 mm in height, offers optimum protection for the body against cold, dirt and spray. Its wide design also protects the hands from the weather. Such windscreens are particularly suitable for the winter months, as they keep the wind completely away from the rider and deflect it over the Helmet. This makes for a much more comfortable riding experience, even at high speeds. Passport or club stickers can also be applied to these models.

The correct height of the Wind Shield

In the video you can see what influence body height has on the function of the Wind Shield. Sara, Elvis and Jesco sit on a Vespa GTS with different Wind Shields. This allows them to check which areas of the rider are particularly well protected. And haven't you always wanted to see Jesco on a modern Vespa? Have fun with Nico and the Wind Shields!

Video: Are Wind Shields useful on a Vespa?

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