An internship at SIP Scootershop - Elia from Italy

Created by Dietrich Limper at 09:09 on September 16, 2022

In June 2022, SIP product developer André received an email from our friends in Parma, Italy. Alessandro Graiani, one of the masterminds behind the high-end tuning forge BFA Motori, was looking for a place for his son Elia (15) to do an internship abroad. After a brief consultation with the management, André was able to send an acceptance letter to Alessandro and on 13 August Elia was brought to Landsberg by his family.

During the first week, Elia got to know the SIP shipping and goods receiving departments and got an insight into the processes at SIP Scootershop. At the weekend, on the other hand, he was introduced to Bavarian nature, culture and culinary delights. He absorbed all of this with curiosity and interest.

In the second part of his internship, things got serious, as André instructed Elia in the art and subtleties of a CAD programme. Elia began his project work by drawing a side stand for the Vespa. Amazingly quickly, the young man mastered the software and was able to progress his project over five days. André was impressed: "It was also extremely motivating and inspiring for me to introduce a representative of the next generation to such a project. Elia was very talented in using the tools a product designer works with every day."

And Elia himself looks back on his time at SIP Scootershop:

"I really enjoyed the two weeks at SIP. Especially the second phase, where I was taught by André how to use the Solidworks CAD software. Creating parts was difficult, but also very interesting. I learned how the programme works and how to use it. I enjoyed having this experience and I might want to repeat it next year."

Intern Elia at SIP Scootershop
Elia at SIP Scootershop

Applications welcome at SIP Scootershop

You are also welcome to apply for an internship with us. If you would like to get a taste of a modern company with its many possibilities, you should choose this path. We also welcome applications from young people who would like to do an apprenticeship with us. We offer the following apprenticeships: Warehouse Logistics Specialist, Office Management Assistant, Wholesale and Foreign Trade Management Assistant and also the exciting Technical Product Designer apprenticeship again from 2024.

SIP Scootershop and BFA Motori

We have had a close friendship and business relationship with the guys from BFA for many years. With their 306 cc engine for largeframe Vespas, Fabio Begani and Alessandro Graiani have made a name for themselves in the scene and SIP Scootershop has been the exclusive distributor of BFA's high-quality products since 2018. With the Vespa custom project "Something Special", we proved on the occasion of our 25th anniversary that 70 hp and more are possible in a Vespa through tuning with BFA. BFA also produces engine cases, transmission kits, clutches, shafts, seal kits and other tuning parts that are among the best and hottest on the market.

Handing over the certificate
Finally, there was a testimony for Elijah

SIP Scootershop Recruiting Video

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