1 March 2024: The new insurance licence plates are here!

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It's compulsory every year at the beginning of March: New insurance licence plates for E-Scooters, pedelecs and two-wheeled mopeds (light mopeds, mopeds, mopeds, mopeds or scooters) are due. We therefore offer a convenient service together with our partner Gothaer Versicherungen: Simply follow the Link and compare the prices and benefits for your vehicles. If you like it, you can order it online, pay conveniently digitally and receive your licence plate directly in your letterbox at no extra cost. It couldn't be easier!

Insurance licence plates for E-Scooters, pedelecs, mopeds and mopeds

For your E-Scooter and pedelec under 45 km/h, you need a so-called foil licence plate, which looks like the familiar metal plate for mopeds, but is smaller and is stuck on the back. Simply order your new foil licence plate via the online dialogue with our partner. After paying the fee, you will receive the E-Scooter licence plate delivered directly to your home free of charge.

You can also order insurance licence plates for two-wheeled mopeds (light mopeds, mopeds, mopeds, mokicks or scooters) quickly and conveniently in this way. You will receive the Badge or licence plate conveniently by post. The traffic year begins on 1 March.

All Vespa 50cc and other mopeds require the new insurance licence plate from 1 March

You can insure the following vehicles within the frame of moped insurance:

Two-wheeled mopeds (light mopeds, mopeds, mopeds, mokicks or scooters)

Mopeds with two wheels, including light mopeds, mopeds, mopeds, mokicks or scooters, can have an engine capacity of no more than 50 cc or a rated power of no more than 4 kW. The maximum speed may vary depending on the vehicle type:

  • Single-seater light mopeds no more than 20 km/h

  • single-seater mopeds no more than 25 km/h

  • Mopeds, mokicks or scooters no more than 45 km/h

  • Mopeds, mopeds or scooters that were first put on the road before 31 December 2001, no more than 50 km/h

  • Mopeds that comply with the regulations of the GDR and were first put on the road by 28 February 1991, no more than 60 km/h

Micro electric vehicles / S-pedelecs

Micro electric vehicles must have the following features in particular:

  • the maximum design speed is not less than 6 km/h and not more than 20 km/h,

  • the vehicle mass is not more than 55 kg and

  • The vehicle width does not exceed 70 cm.

  • Non-self-balancing small electric vehicles (e.g. E-Scooters) must also have the following characteristics:

  • they have a Handlebar,

  • they must not have a Seat and

  • their rated continuous power does not exceed 500 watts.

  • Self-balancing mini electric vehicles (e.g. the Segway i2, but not the x2 model) must also have the following features:

  • they have a Handlebar or handrail and

  • the rated continuous power does not exceed 1400 watts if at least 60% of the power is used for self-balancing.

Fast pedelecs (S-pedelecs) are two-wheeled mopeds similar to bicycles with electric motorised pedal assistance above 25 km/h up to a maximum of 45 km/h, but only as long as pedalling is used.

Vehicles with more than two wheels

Small motorised vehicles with positive-ignition engines have an engine capacity of no more than 50 cc, while the engine capacity of compression-ignition engines is 500 cc. The rated continuous or net power is limited to a maximum of 4 kW for light road quads or 6 kW for light quadricycles with a closed passenger compartment. The weight in running order should not exceed 425 kg. In addition, the maximum speed is limited to 45 km/h. Motorised medical wheelchairs may not exceed a maximum speed of 15 km/h.

General operating licence (ABE)

A prerequisite for insuring your vehicle is that it has a valid general operating licence (ABE) for motor vehicles (individual or type approval). In the case of type approval, the operating licence is documented in the EC Certificate of Conformity (EC-CoC) or in the data confirmation. The relevant document should have been handed over to you when you purchased the vehicle.

The benefits of the GOTHAER insurance licence plate

  • Excellent value for money, even for young drivers

  • Simply order licence plates online and pay digitally

  • Insurance certificate and licence plates are conveniently sent directly to your home at no extra cost

  • Liability insurance and optional partial casco insurance covers personal injury, property damage and financial losses up to €100 million lump sum

Click here to order your insurance licence plate online.

We wish you a safe journey and an accident-free 2024 two-wheeler season!

Dietrich Limper
Dietrich Limper

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