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Bavette SLUK Guard pour Vespa

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SLUK GUARD, front mudguard extension. Looks good while also protecting the paintwork behind the front wheel.


SLUK is short for Scooter Lab United Kingdom. The man behind this acronym is none other than Sticky, alias Martin Round, a permanent fixture of the British scooter scene and beyond. Many are aware of his work for 'Scootering' magazine which he helped produce and create over many years, or as the author of the 'Complete Spanner Manual', an essential source for all Lambretta enthusiasts. With these huge achievements it is easily forgotten that, as a dedicated scooterist, he also spends an enormous amount of time actually riding all types of scooter on racetracks and the open road. In addition to the countless miles he has covered by scoot, he also has a lot of experience fixing, tuning and maintaining them in many workshops. On this basis he now repeatedly develops and produces useful components in a refreshing and unconventional manner, that also solve well known scootering issues in a practical and reliable way. We are not just talking vague theory here, but extremely useful parts with a high quality of production.

  • Protects the lower legshields
  • Simple mounting
  • Available in a variety of suitable colours

A common ailment shared with many scooter models must be the damaged paintwork and corrosion found on the front underbody of the chassis, due to the water and gravel that is propelled against it by the front wheel during riding. SLUK have the perfect solution, in the form of their SLUK GUARD! Following its attachment to the front mudguard the chassis and paintwork receive adequate protection and the possibility of potential rust spots is eliminated. It is attached with stainless steel self-tapping screws to the scooters front mudguard. Additionally there are also adhesive strips included that help reduce vibrations, ensuring a more enduring attachment.


Conclusion: Small part with a large effect. Reduces rust on your daily ride, protects the paintwork and complements the overall look of the scooter perfectly!


The Best Set Up - Our SIP TIP:

  • While mounting the SLUK GUARD why not take the opportunity to properly clean up the scooters paintwork? Ideally with SONAX paint cleaner (#81500000) and sealed nicely afterwards with SONAX hard wax (#41311100).

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