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VESPA  50 Special Elestart

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ScooterCommunity: Your Feedback & Downloads

Polini Lefthand auf original Vespa 50 N Special icon me small biggerbene
20.07.2005 08:17:23
Vespa v50 und pk50 icon me small rasputin
21.10.2003 11:25:51
Gang Fragen icon me small biggerbene
22.07.2005 15:07:26
Fuffie-Vespa icon me small VCKlagenfurt
07.09.2003 12:39:00

ScooterCommunity: Scooter drivers & Articles
icon community products Drivers of this scooter bought also
image community product CLASSIC, synth.,
mini bottle,
for geared scooters
image community product for SHB 16.10-16.16 for Vespa
/SS/125 VMA1/PK50/S/SS/XL/FL
image community product shock absorber/engine casing
for Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3/25
VNA–TS/150 VBA-Super/160 GS
/180 SS/Rally/P80-150X/P200E
/PX80-200 E Lusso 1°,
shock absorber rear for Vespa
125 V1-15T/V30-33T/VM/VN/VU
/Hoffmann A/B/C/ACMA/150 VL
incl. circlip/nut
image community product absorber, M9 mm, Ø 9,5x16,3 mm, (th) 2,2mm,
for Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3/PK/PX
/PX Lusso/T5/VNA-T4/GS160
kickstart lever for Vespa
input shaft for Vespa 125 VM
/VN/Hoffmann C/M24/VNA/VNB
1°/150 VB1/VL/VGL1/VD/VBA 1°
image community product input shaft,
for Vespa 125 VNA-TS/150 VBA
-Super/160 GS/180 SS/P125
-150X 1°/P150S 1°,
shock absorber rear, lower
for Vespa V50/PV/ET3/125
VNA–TS/150 VBA-T4/160GS
/180SS/Rally/PX/PX Lusso/T5
icon new products New products for this scooter
image community product side assembly,
for Vespa 125 VM/VN/VNA/VNB/GT
/GTR/Super/TS/150 VB/VL/VD
/Super oil seal clutch side
assembly for Vespa 125 VM/VN
/VNA1-2 1°/150 VB1/VBA1°/VL
bearing flywheel assembly
image community product for Vespa 360x210x30 mm,
nylon, black
image community product inside, flywheel side, for
Vespa V50 N/L/R/S/ Special/SR
image community product 50-125/PV/ET3/PK/S/XL/XL2/125
GT-TS/150 GL/GS VS5T/Sprint
/LML Star/DLX/Deluxe 2T/4T,
2.10-10", open, anti-theft protection,
front & rear, aluminium, matt
black with polished edge,
KBA 51612, valve premounted,
Grade AA - for a first-class
image community product Classic/GRIMECA '98/MY, front,
for Vespa
for MMW rear
aluminium, gold satin anodised,
Ø 31,5 mm,
with e-pass, KBA 61358
image community product crankshaft flywheel side
for Vespa 50 N/L/R/Special
20/50 mm, 1 puller, 4-parts,
image community product 50/N/L/R/S/SR/SS/Special V5A2
for 2 coils, w/o coils
image community product for Vespa PK50-125/S/XL/XL2
steel, zinc plated,
2 pcs
image community product MHR direct intake, for PHBL 24
/25/TM 24, for Vespa 90-125/PV
inner diameter: 24mm, outer
diameter: 30mm,
reed valve, rubber connection
image community product rear "K", right, for Vespa

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