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Variator MALOSSI Multivar,

for MINARELLI horizontal
/vertical 50cc 2-Stroke AC/LC
16x13 mm, 6 rollers, 7,0g,
with part certification

Variomatic pulley units represent a small but essential part of the transmission of any modern automatic scooters motor. The inclusion of an optimised variomatic unit not only noticeably improves the acceleration and maximum speed of your scooter, but also ensures a more smoothly running motor. Absolutely essential motor tuning for riders of all two and four stroke automatic scooters!


MALOSSI 'Multivar' – More than ten years of intense experience in the development and production of performance components for automatic motors are condensed into the creation of the perfect tuning accessory for your scooter! Due to the different alloys used for each individual component and the optimally calculated roller weight ramps within the unit the overall efficiency of the variomatic could be increased by 30%, compared to standard items. Simply a 'must have' part for even more enjoyable scootering!


Due to the 'Type Approval' regulations enforced in some countries, in particular Germany, MALOSSI felt urged to respond to numerous customer and dealer requests and have had this component cleared for fully-legal road use there. They got together with the inspectors at the DEKRA to assure approval of their production and quality control procedures by the German ministry of transport. The result is complete type approval for the use of this variator pulley with certain popular scooter models. As proof of their extensive commitment to comprehensive customer satisfaction, this approval can also be backdated to also be valid for previously purchased (and installed!) versions of their excellent 'Multivar' variomatic unit. If this applies in your case, the documents are available at Go to the page where the product itself is displayed. Once there, click on 'Downloads' and download the documents (free of charge) for inclusion in your vehicles documentation.


MALOSSI 'Multivar' variomatic pulley with type approval

Top quality, precisely dimensioned production process, the half-disc manufactured using a silicium alloy which is precisely CNC machined and finished by diamond cutter, the roller weights included have a frictional surface coated with PTFE and so are also self-lubricating, self-lubricating roller weight ramp surfaces, optimised gear-ratio conversion, improved acceleration, slightly higher maximum speed, can be individually set up to exactly suit your scooter and/or requirements, simple installation, DEKRA approved and includes full type approval documentation, enabling legal road use for scooters registered in the more restrictive parts of the world!


SIP-TIP : Do not forget to order a new holding nut for the variomatic pulley, a reinforced / polyamid 'V' belt, a roller weight tuning kit and a holding tool for safe and enduring use of this useful component.


'SCOOTER & SPORT' magazine, July/August edition, 2002 :

“The MALOSSI 'Multivar' is uncompromisingly optimised and raises the effective rpm during acceleration. Its use ensures the best possible acceleration from the motor.”


'SCOOTER & SPORT' magazine, July/August edition, 2013 :

“The economically priced 'Multivar' provides the Vespa with a little extra oomph as well as a noticeably smoother running motor.” (Tested on a Vespa LX 125 3V model).


OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  51 7075 (MALOSSI)

M2512827 5,90 €

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Variomatic, Clutch & Drive Pulley

80,00 €
(80,00 €/Stck)
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600g / piece
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Est. date of delivery 08.11.2020


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