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Racing Cylinder MUGELLO 200 SB

198 cc for Lambretta 125 LI
/Special/GP/DL/150 LI
/Special/SX/GP/DL/175 TV,
Ø 66,0mm, aluminium, 6 ports,
2 piston ring(s),
with cylinder head,
nikasil coated,
SPORT-TUNING, high-performance
& roadworthy

Eventually even original cylinders need replacing. Tino Sacchi presents with the Mugello a high quality production performance orientated cylinder kit as an excellent upgrade for your daily runabout scooters motor.


The Mugello 186cc kit is similar in design to the original INNOCENTI TV 175 barrel apart from the extra boost port provided as a welcome update. This kit is not only suitable as a direct 'Plug and Play' replacement for your worn existing cylinder on Series 1-3 'smallblock' motors with crankshafts with 107mm rod, but also lends itself to the more ambitious road tuning projects.

The same is also true of its 'Big Brothers' in this range of cylinders. The Mugello 200 and 225cc cylinder kits are based on the OE INNOCENTI GP 200 cylinder set up and are without a doubt a serious alternative to stage 4 tuned standard 200cc cylinders.

The Mugello convinces especially with its high end peripheral equipment such as the quality of the piston rings on the 225cc version and the optimally machine profiled cylinder head.

The Mugello kits harmonise excellently with the original INNOCENTI carburettors (DELLORTO SH 18-22) and also the exhaust units but can also be successfully incorporated into the more ambitious set ups including larger aftermarket carburettors (Ø25-30mm) and an expansion chamber system etc.


Conclusion: Refreshingly simple to use 'Plug and Play' cylinder kit. High end quality with the durability to match, the Mugello is ideal for the more moderate road tuning motor set ups.


Aluminium/ Nicasil lined barrel/ 64, 66 or 70mm cylinder bore/ 6 transfer ports/ 2 piston rings/ incl. cylinder head

High quality production aluminium performance cylinder kit with six transfer ports. 64, 66 or 70mm cylinder bore according to cubic capacity. Each kit includes a piston with two piston rings, each 1mm in thickness. An aluminium cylinder head suitable to the bore of the cylinder is also included along with a carburettor mounting and all necessary fixings and gaskets (Depending on item version: head gaskets in various thicknesses, base gasket and the manifold gaskets)


SIP-TIP : A message for all the streetracers amongst you ! For full exploitation of the potential in the Mugello, include a long stroke crankshaft, a reed valve manifold for your (larger) carburettor and a revvy expansion chamber exhaust system in the set up of your motor. Always remember to check and adjust the jetting of your carburettor following all performance enhancement work on your scooter.


Please note: Due to the production process some barrels might have some little holes or scratches on the inner surface. According to producer Tino Sacchi, the small visible imperfections does not reduce the performances and durability of the barrel. (Tino Sacchi 29.06.2016). The barrels are only available in this quality and can not be returned to us.

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Racing Cylinder 125-175cc

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divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
LAMBRETTA DL/ GP 125 125 22/1 2T AC 1969-1971
LAMBRETTA DL/ GP 150 150 22/0 2T AC 1969-1971
LAMBRETTA GP 150 SIL 150 22/0 2T AC
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Serie 1 125 125LI 2T AC 1958-1959
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Serie 2 125 125LI 2T AC 1959-1961
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Serie 3 125 125LI3 2T AC 1961-1967
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Serie 4 125 125LI4 2T AC
LAMBRETTA LI 125 SERVETA 125 125LI 2T AC 1961-1965
LAMBRETTA LI 125 Special Serie 3/LiS 125 125LIS 2T AC 1965-1969
LAMBRETTA LI 150 Serie 1 150 150LI 2T AC 1958-1959
LAMBRETTA LI 150 Serie 2 150 150LI 2T AC 1959-1961
LAMBRETTA LI 150 Serie 3 150 150LI3 2T AC 1962-1967
LAMBRETTA LI 150 SERVETA 150 150LI 2T AC 1960-1965
LAMBRETTA LI 150 Special Serie 3/ LiS 150 150LIS 2T AC 1963-1966
LAMBRETTA SX 150 Serie 3/ X 150 Special 150 150SX 2T AC 1966-1969
LAMBRETTA TV 175 Serie 1 175 175TV 2T AC 1957-1958
LAMBRETTA TV 175 Serie 2/ SS 175 175TV 2T AC 1959-1961
LAMBRETTA TV 175 Serie 3 175 175TV3 2T AC 1962-1965
LAMBRETTA TV 175 SERVETA 175 175TV 2T AC 1963-1965,00

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