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Piston GRAND-SPORT RACE 180 cc,

Big Bore for Vespa 160 GS
2.o/s, Ø 63,0mm, standard
1.0mm, pin Ø=15mm,
Grade AA - for a first-class

'Innovazione nella tecnica classica' and unbeatable in price and design! The Vespa GS 160 and SS 180 truly deserve the “Sport” in their model names – and also deserve modern upgrades. Classic model tuning by GRAND SPORT : Technically speaking, state of the art and externally unobtrusive is the name of the game here with an increasing number of components being made available for classic scooter projects. The next logical step after the development of an updated piston kit for the GS 150 had to be versions compatible with both the GS 160 and SS 180 models.

The GRAND SPORT Race Pistons are produced in Italy and include extra ribbing beneath the crown for increased stability during use. A minimum silicium proportion of 18% ensures less thermal expansion, so reducing friction values. Other components of this alloy mix used in its construction guarantee solidity. Another modern feature is the replacement of the original piston ring design with 1mm thick steel items, also produced by GRAND SPORT. The icing on the cake is provided by the modern gudgeon pin circlips, manufactured using 1.2mm thick wire, making them strong, light and easy to mount.

The Vespa SS 180 Race Piston is available in the following diameters : 62.0, 62.5, 63.0 and 63.5mm.

The Vespa GS 160 Race Piston finally enables use of the larger 180cc cylinders on these models. Instead of just the original 58mm bore, 63.5mm and up to 190cc are now possible! This piston is available in the following diameters : 62.0, 62.5, 63.0 and 63.5mm.

Conclusion : If you were unhappy with the pistons available up till now these high-tech items should satisfy! The combination of a modern piston layout and high-end materials and production process ensure a first class quality.


Aluminium/ Ø 62.0, 62.5, 63.0 and 63.5mm / 1.0mm piston rings

Aluminium piston, Min. 18% silicium proportion, 42.5mm compression height, two 1mm steel piston rings.

Before final assembly check both the piston and piston ring clearances and adjust as necessary (piston clearance 12-14/100mm).


SIP-TIP : For safe and ensuring use of these piston kits check and adjust the carburettors jetting and also the ignition timing, a new spark plug is also a must. Complementary peripheral components include a SIP Performance ignition and a SIP Road performance exhaust.


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Grand Sport
Cylinder, Piston & Crankshaft

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VESPA 160 GS (GS4) (D) 160 VSB1-2T 2T AC `62-`64

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