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Cover Footwell Aera PIAGGIO

for Vespa LX/S 50-150ccm
plastic, blue, Capri 231

The Vespa 'S' College was a special model produced by PIAGGIO as a limited edition model. Its charmingly youthful styling proved especially appealing to a select few Vespa fans. Regrettably this beautiful little scooter is no longer produced in this version but, in order to preserve this particular type of styling, we decided to make the suitable parts available to all our customers wishing to convert their own 'S' model Vespas.


This conversion should not represent a problem to practised Vespa mechanics as the original panels and covers are simply replaced by their College style counterparts. Starting from the steering assembly cover, the glove box, floorboards and side panels all the way through to the number plate surround and lighting, we have the complete set available and in stock. In the case of the seating assembly you are faced with the choice between the sporting aspect of the single seat, or on a more practical note, the dual bench type item. Last but not least the cherry on the cake is provided by the colour matched decorative self-adhesive decals sets and your scooter could easily be mistaken for the exclusive College model!


Before you start restyling be careful to consider the overall paint colour of the Vespa frame. Its originally white colouring was combined with either sky blue or postbox red body parts.


SIP-TIP : To prevent possible accident damage to your new body parts please consider the purchase of suitable side panel bar protectors.(Part No.: PI656107)

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  62212440AH (PIAGGIO)

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Bodywork Parts

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icon scootermodels This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA LX / LX Touring 50 ZAPC38101 2T AC `05-`13
VESPA LX 2V 125 ZAPM44/RP8M661 4T AC ´05-´11
VESPA LX 2V 50 ZAPC38300 4T AC `05-`09
VESPA LX 2V 150 ZAPM44/ RP8M662 4T AC `06-`09
VESPA LX 4V / LX Touring 4V 50 ZAPC38700 4T AC `09-`13
VESPA LX i.e. 2V 125 ZAPM68/RP8M663 4T AC `09-`12
VESPA LX i.e. 2V 150 ZAPM682 / ZAPM688 / RP8M664 4T AC `09-`12
VESPA LX i.e. 3V / Touring 125 ZAPM68300 / RP8M665/ RPM683 4T AC ´12-´13
VESPA LX i.e. 3V / Touring 150 ZAPM68400/ RP8M66600  4T AC `12-`13
VESPA LX Touring 50 ZAPC38104 2T AC '10-'13
VESPA S / S College / S Sport 50 ZAPC38103 2T AC `07`12 College
VESPA S / S Sport 4V 50 ZAPC38600 4T AC `08-`13 College
VESPA S 2V 125 ZAPM443/ RP8M661 4T AC `07-`10 College
VESPA S 2V 150 ZAPM44/ RP8M662 4T AC `07-`10 College
VESPA S i.e. 2V 125 ZAPM68101 / RP8M663 4T AC `09-`12 College,00

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