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Bushing MALOSSI for Variator

Multivar M5113513/M5113595

Whoa, there goes gravity! The “Multivar“ from MALOSSI represents the perfect weapon of choice for tuning your scooter. With more than 10 years of automatic scooter tuning experience, the Italians have made this variator the ultimate refitting part for your scootamatics. An absolute must-have!


The Multivar from MALOSSI features redesigned roller weight tracks and a self-lubricating sliding bushing made from sintered steel. Its primary drive, which is made from high-quality alloy steel, has sliding surfaces that are coated with a grounded hardchrome layer. The primary sliding sheave is crafted from a silicon-aluminium alloy using high precision CNC machines and finally treated with diamond cutting. The usual loss of performance of the variator could thus be reduced by up to 30%! The high-strength calibrated roller weights do not need any additional lubrication as they are made from a durable PTFE mixture. If you are looking for the perfect combination of high-tech material and a reasonable price, this tuning variator is the obvious choice (just compare original spare part prices...). We strongly recommend fitting this variator to every 2-stroke and 4-stroke scooter. For the ambitious scoooterist looking for improved acceleration as well as engine smoothness, mounting the “Multivar” is nothing less than mandatory tuning.

Conclusion: good quality and precisely fitting machining, lightweight, set of roller weights as well as complementary and reinforced variator spring included where necessary, optimized gear shifting, improved acceleration, slightly increased top speed, self-lubricating (maintenance-free!), tunable for every model, easy fitting, very suitable for standard cylinders!


SIP-TIP! New variator nut, special-/kevlar belt, additional roller weights for individual tuning, holder tool


German Scooter Magazine SCOOTER & SPORT July/August 2002: „The MALOSSI ’Multivar’ is uncompromisingly optimized and increases revolution speed during acceleration. Provides maximum acceleration...“


OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  2313512B (MALOSSI)

M5113595 166,86 €
(166,86 €/Stck)
incl. VAT  plus shipping.
M5113513 189,00 €
(189,00 €/Stck)
incl. VAT  plus shipping.
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95153000 0,50 €

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M2514227 55,00 €

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J15092000 230,00 €
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M7612579 149,00 €
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M339780 4,90 €

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Variomatic, V-Belt & Gear Box

68,15 €
This item is in stock in sufficient quantity.

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254g / piece
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Variator MALOSSI Multivar 2000, for YAMAHA 400 Majesty -'08 (H317E), M5113595 166,86 €
Variator MALOSSI Multivar 2000, for YAMAHA 500 T-Max (Verg.), 4-Stroke LC M5113513 189,00 €
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YAMAHA Majesty -'08 400 H317E 4T LC -'08
YAMAHA T-Max (Vergaser) 500 5GJ 4T LC '01-'03

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