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Steering Head Bearing Set

for Vespa 125 VNA/VNB3
->061000/150 VBA/VBB1T
->82819/VGLB1T ->041664,
SIP, PREMIUM, 7-parts,
with steering head bearing,
Grade AA - for a first-class

Steering head bearings on the basis of caged ball-bearings as found on all Vespa PX and PK models, now also suitable for all vintage Vespa models.


The steering head bearings are an essential component for rider safety and a stable suspension. If a scooter does not display directional stability or has vague handling, we recommend that their function and serviceability be checked. It is a relatively simple job and can be done in no time. First pull the scooter onto its centre-stand and move the steering assembly from left to right a couple of times to check for any tight points or resistance to free-movement. Then, moving to the front of the scooter, take hold of the exposed lower end of the steering column and attempt to move it forwards and backwards. If you notice any free movement or clicking sounds then this is also an indication that the bearings are damaged or worn and require immediate replacement. A steering column that has, over time, become loose can rarely be fixed by simply having the bearings tightened so we recommend the fitting of a new set of bearings every time.

  • Easy mounting, even for vintage models.
  • Available for all vintage Vespa models.
  • All necessary components are included in the delivery.

All Vespa models produced since the sixties share the same steering head bearing size, earlier models were produced with a variety of shapes and diameters. The older models were factory-fitted with a type of steering head bearing that required each individual ball-bearing to be positioned carefully onto each bearing cup during mounting, provisionally held there by a film of grease. This involved procedure requires skill, experience and a lot of patience to be satisfactorily completed and there can also be problems finding new bearings of this type due to a lack of demand. Their replacements are then often of bad quality and/or extraordinarily expensive.


SIP replacement Steering Head Bearings for all vintage Vespa models.

To facilitate a more efficient repair we decided to have Vespa PX/PK style caged bearings produced in various sizes to also suit all earlier produced Vespa models. This means the new caged bearings are identical for both the upper and lower ends of the steering column fixings. The bearing cups, attached to the frame and steering column, have been individually designed to suit each specific model. This involved the redevelopment and production of new parts and tools used in their manufacture. A case in point is represented by the dust shrouds we now have available for the Vespa V1-V33 models. We had to start from scratch in order to develop and produce a new pressing tool for these ultra-rare parts!


The following varieties of SIP steering head bearings are available:

  • 90122600 for VNA, VBA, VGLB1
  • 90122910 for V1-VM, VU, Hoffmann, ACMA, Motovespa
  • 90120100 for VBC, Sprint, Rally, PX/V50, PV, PK
  • 90123300 for VN-VL, VB, VGL1, VS1-VS5

Mounting tip: The PIAGGIO workshop manual recommendations for mounting these bearings are as follows: Tighten the upper steering head bearing to 60-70Nm and then loosen the nut by about a quarter turn. The locking nut can then be tightened to 50-60Nm to finish the job.


The delivery includes:

  1. Locking nut.
  2. Tanged washer.
  3. Upper cup/upper bearing.
  4. Upper bearing race.
  5. Lower cup/upper bearing.
  6. Upper cup/lower bearing
  7. Lower bearing race.
  8. Lower cup/lower bearing.
  9. Dust shroud.

Conclusion: The most simple method of updating vintage Vespa models to a modern standard of steering head bearings!


The Best Set Up – Our SIP – TIP:

  • Lubricating grease MALOSSI MHR #M7615375B
  • Centre punch #16029000.
  • SIP mounting tool for the frame upper/lower bearing cups #21330000.


The SIP steering column bearing kit for the Vespa VNA/VNB/VBA/VBB models replaces the original loose ball-bearing version. This finally brings these models into line with the later produced models. If you have ever attempted to replace the originally included type then you will appreciate the simplicity this necessary update provides. The surface is treated with nitrogen for an increased durability and protection against corrosion compared to the original items.



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Steering Column & Mudguard

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310g / piece
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divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
MOTOVESPA 125 N 125 VT 2T AC 1959
MOTOVESPA 125 S 125 VTT 2T AC 1959
MOTOVESPA 150 GS 150 04C 2T AC 1967
MOTOVESPA 150 S 150 V13502C 2T AC 1964
MOTOVESPA 150 Sprint 150 04C 2T AC 1966
MOTOVESPA 160 / GT 160 09C 2T AC '68
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA 125 (T1/125) (D) 125 VNA1-2 2T AC '57-'59
VESPA 125 (T2/125) (D) 125 VNB1-6 2T AC '59-'65 -> VNB3T 061000
VESPA 150 150 VBB1-2 2T AC '60-'67 -> VBB1T 82819
VESPA 150 150 VBA1T 2T AC '58-'60
VESPA 150 (T4/150) (D) 150 VGLA-B 2T AC '59-'65 -> VGLB1T 041664

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