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Racing Cylinder PINASCO 125 cc

for Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3/PK/S
Ø 55mm, aluminium, 7 ports,
stroke 51mm, 1 piston ring(s),
with cylinder head, 8-times
ROAD-TUNING, for everyday use
& reliable

For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!

PINASCO has always been known for first class high quality workmanship, an eye for durability and fitness for daily usage. The PINASCO 125cc was the very first aluminum tuning cylinder for the Vespa to hit the market. Since the 70's, this classic tuning part has played a major part in hectic city traffic and daily usage for running small errands.

The Nicasil coated 125 cc cylinder comes with the original 55 mm bore. 


It is one of the few 125cc cylinders made in Italy.


In 2020 Pinasco revised this classic cylinder. Here you get a 125 cylinder with a modern layout. The gas reaches the combustion chamber via 4 transfer ports channels and 3 boost ports. The piston is of high quality and equipped with a 1mm ring. The cylinder head is screwed 8 times and seals reliably.


 If you want to refine the whole thing a bit, use a 19 / 24mm carburetor and the SIP Road exhaust.


Conclusion: Very good cylinder for 125cc town traffic. Hearty and durable. The aluminum material with nicasil lining allows full throttle handling.


Aluminum/ 55 mm bore/ 7 transfers/ 121.17 cc's

Aluminum cylinder, 51 mm stroke, 7 transfers, piston with one piston ring, 8 mm exhaust studs, original PINASCO cylinder included in delivery, gasket set also included. Jets should be adjusted. Fits all Vespa PV/ET3/PK/XL/XL2 models, except PK automatic. Transfers do not need modification.


SIP-TIP: main jet adjustment and new spark plugs are a must. We warmly recommend an original exhaust with a wider manifold or the SIP Road exhaust.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  25030790 - 25030794 (PINASCO)

24169000 139,00 €

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24174000 109,00 €

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24175000 119,00 €

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61626000 99,00 €

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J17700150 202,00 €

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75044930 299,00 €

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40440200 719,00 €

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Racing Cylinder 80-125cc, stroke 51mm

299,00 €
This item is in stock in sufficient quantity.

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2.300g / piece
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VESPA 90 90 V9A1T 2T AC '63-'84
VESPA 90 Racer 90 V9SS2T 2T AC '71-'74
VESPA 90 SS Super Sprint 90 V9SS1T 2T AC '65-'71
VESPA 100 (UK) / 100 Sport (US) 100 V9B1T 2T AC '78-'90
VESPA 125 125 VMA1T 2T AC '65-'67
VESPA 125 Primavera 125 VMA2T 2T AC '67-'83
VESPA 125 Primavera ET3 125 VMB1T 2T AC '76-'90
VESPA PK 80 S / Elestart 80 V8X5T 2T AC '82-'86
VESPA PK 80 S Lusso / Elestart 80 V8X5T 2T AC '85-'88
VESPA PK100 S / Elestart 100 V9X1T 2T AC '82-'84
VESPA PK100 XL 100 V9X2T 2T AC '86-'90
VESPA PK125 125 VMX1T 2T AC '82-'85
VESPA PK125 ETS / Elestart 125 VMS1T 2T AC '84-'85
VESPA PK125 N NUOVO (FL) 125 VMX7T 2T AC '90-'91
VESPA PK125 S / Elestart 125 VMX5T 2T AC '82-'84
VESPA PK125 XL / Elestart 125 VMX6T 2T AC '86-'90
VESPA PK125 XL2 125 VMX6T 2T AC '90-

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