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Ignition VESPATRONIC, for

Vespa 150 GS,
flywheel ca.: 1700g,
incl. stator plate, ignition
coil, voltage regulator,
ROAD-TUNING, for everyday use
& reliable

For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!

It is quite obvious that the advantages which the VESPATRONIC ignition provide to racing scooters will also be a welcome improvement and update to the engines of earlier VESPA models. To satisfy these potential customers Max and Tino have developed a range of VESPATRONIC ignition kits to suit vintage VESPAs. The main advantage these modern ignition kits have over the original PIAGGIO setup of the earlier models is that they are completely electronic. These ignition systems are virtually maintenance free as opposed to the existing points ignition setups on the older machines. Another advantage of the VESPATRONIC system is that the ignition point varies according to the RPM of the motor. More power in the lower end of the rev-range combined with lower combustion temperatures are advantages to every cylinder, tuned or not. Machines equipped with a 6v electrical system will benefit especially in the lights department from the extra power available..

Conclusion: An ideal and reliable supply of electrical current, improved torque in lower revs coupled with more stability in the higher end of the rev range: a definite improvement and upgrade for all vintage VESPA motors.


VESPATRONIC ignition kit

Flywheel weight varies between 1400 and 1850 g according to version (light flywheel – tuned engines, heavy flywheel – original engine), kit also includes a stator plate, CDI unit, electronic regulator, mounting tools and again according to version, with or without cooling fins on the flywheel.


SIP-TIP: for VESPA models with an existing 6v electrical system all bulbs must be upgraded to 12v items and a conversion wiring harness is also necessary for safe and successful use of this conversion kit.



"The Vespatronic is most useful for road riders"


Assembling tips from Tino Sacchi, Lambretta Guru and co-designer of the VESPATRONIC ignition system, Milan – Italy 2008: 

- A false connection can lead to damage within the CDI unit, always stick to the circuit diagram. Attachment of the earth connection is especially important. 

- Do not alter any of the components contained within the assembly and take care to mount the electronic units where strong vibrations can be avoided -

- The flywheel nut must be assembled using the correct original PIAGGIO shake-proof washer. A loose nut due to a missing or incorrect washer being used can lead to expensive damage of either the crankshaft and/or the flywheel itself.

- Before you include this kit in your motor setup make sure that the crankshaft bearings are new and that the spark plug and spark plug cap are also of sufficient quality.

- If you are also increasing the width of the rev range of your motor the screws that fix the fan to the flywheel should be treated with a LOCTITE thread lock (or similar) for safe and enduring use of this conversion kit

- All components of these conversion kits are extensively checked for correct function and reliability before they leave the place of production.

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VESPA 150 GS 150 VS1-5T 2T AC '55-'61
VESPA 150 GS (D) 150 VDTS 2T AC '56-'65

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