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Carburettor DELL'ORTO VHST

26BS flat slider
connection engine: 36mm, con..
..nection filter: 49mm,
metal casing, polished
throttle slide
Grade A - for a true to
original repair

The technically refined DELL'ORTO VHS flat slide carburettors are considerably better than the straightforward drum carburettors and therefore improve the performance and effectiveness of the engine. The deciding factor in this case is the (double) slide design: On a flat, square design, the projecting edges of the drum carburettor are omitted. Due to the straight tear-off edge of the flat slide it is possible to achieve a smooth, streamlined air passage and therefore a superior cylinder fill. With an outlet of up to 39.5mm they are not only suitable for use on high performance largeframe engines but also for high end smallframe set-ups.


We stock the VHS series in four versions (B, C, H, T). Depending on the design they have a pre-installed collapsible choke (VHSH/T) and a cable blend. To tune the carburettor, it is possible to choose from the wide range of high quality DELL‘ORTO jets. The needles, main jets and idle jets all generally originate from the time proven standard product range.


The VHST convinces thanks to its compact design which is not only clear during its installation, but also in terms of its improved response and throttle change. A chromed slide, 2 individually attached floaters and a spring loaded float needle valve round off the positive overall picture. The VHST is a homage to the classic racing carburettors of the 1960s - and is available in an especially elegant design as a ‚Red Edition‘.


The VHSH 30 CS is also one of the absolute high performance carburettors. It was developed by DELL‘ORTO in cooperation with leading ma- nufacturers of cart engines and has been used since then as a standard carburettor in the ICC formula. It convinces thanks to a smooth running intake area, a screw on carburettor cap, a separate central screw moun- ting for rapid main jet change, an integrated petrol filter and a spring mounted float needle valve.


The VHSB series is one of the biggest and most powerful DELL‘ORTO carburettors. Its oval shaped outlet is as good as it gets in the area of high end carburettor tuning! With the VHSC 39.5 BD you decide on the biggest flat slide carburettor available in the DELL‘ORTO range.

Conclusion: Flat slides are clearly superior to drum carburettors in the lower and middle rev range in particular!


SIP-TIP: A jet set (e.g. idle jet, 5mm, part no 40100000 and main jet, 6mm, 40270100) help when tuning the VHS carburettor. Don‘t forget the matching RAMAIR air filter (e.g. part no 40390000)!


SIP community user corax on part no 40043000:

„Cool carburettor. polished slide. Good tuning. top!“


Explanation of the carburettor markings:

BD carb.= Adjustment screw to the right of the airflow direction

BS carb.= Adjustment screw to the left of the airflow direction

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  09363 (DELLORTO)

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DellOrto VHST BS/BD 26-28

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