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Intake Manifold Kit MALOSSI

X360 Reed Valve, for PHBH 28
/30/VHS 24-30/TMX 27/30/PWK
28/30, for Vespa 200 Rally
/P200E/PX200 E/Lusso/'98/MY
/Cosa 200
inner diameter: 30mm, outer
diameter: 35mm,
reed valve, rubber connection

Converting to reed valve control is not only a good idea if you are looking for more performance. To be able to go on riding with the engine, installing a reed valve is also necessary if the sealing surface of the disc valve intake is damaged. To this end, the intake manifold also has to be replaced. For this reason, our range also includes high quality MALOSSI reed valve manifolds. Thanks to the rubber connection it is also possible to fit bigger carburettors on it without any problem.


The 2012 version is delivered including a reed valve housing, VL 17 reed petals and all fixings and attachments necessary for full assembly. The redesigned reed-valve manifold enables a completely horizontal air-flow direction through the carb, whatever its dimensions. For an optimal setup with this kit, we highly recommend the use of the 'X 360' carb manifold, constructed using 'Viton' rubber. The angled connection piece is fitted in a groove in the aluminium base plate and presses onto the base plate of the intake manifold due to the screw connections on the base plate. The connection angle of the carburettor itself can be determined via the individual positioning of the connection piece. The connection pieces are also available individually (depending on design incl. reed valve block).


In addition to the MALOSSI connection pieces we also stock high quality aluminium connection pieces by SIP and WORB5. These are basically wear-free and guarantee the sustainable, secure hold of the carburettor. Extensive modifications to the housing are recommended for conversion to reed valve control, you are rewarded, however, with the advantages of a control system which supplies the engine with mix irrespective to the intake timing of the crankshaft. The engine is practically able to decide itself when it needs the mix and when it doesn't. This guarantees the more effective use of the mix and with the appropriately sized carburettor and correspondingly tuned peripherals, promises a clear gain in performance.

Conclusion: Saves the engine if the disc valve intake is damaged and opens up completely new tuning perspectives.


SIP-TIP: A flowed crankshaft (e.g.: part no 46040000) is the perfect finishing touch to conversion to reed valve control. The burr (part no 61626000) helps with the adjustments.


SIP Community user richi on part no 40818000:

"Gives the scooter what Malossi has always promised."



OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  2014913 (MALOSSI)

IK444010 75,00 €

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40430000 42,00 €

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45041000 259,00 €

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Carburettors, Manifold & Reed Valve

169,00 €
(169,00 €/Stck)
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450g / piece
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