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Intake Manifold POLINI for SHB

16.16, for Vespa 50-125 VMA1
inner diameter: 18mm, outer
diameter: 21,5mm, 2-hole,
reed valve

Converting to reed valve control is not only a good idea if you are looking for a big boost in performance. If the sealing surface of the disc valve intake is damaged installing a reed valve is unavoidable to be able to go on riding with the engine. To this end, the intake manifold has to be replaced.

We therefore stock a wide range of reed valve manifolds that are suitable for the DELL'ORTO SHB and PHB carburettors. POLINI offers these from SHB 16.16 – PHBL 24 (depending on the model with 2 or 3 hole attachment) with stud connection. For the PHBL 24 and their own 24mm CP carburettor, POLINI provides manifolds with a flexible rubber connection. Also MALOSSI offers high quality reed valve manifolds with rubber connections that are suitable for the PHBL 24/25. These have a slightly bigger effective cross section and thanks to their rubber connection are also suitable as a basis for bigger carburettors. In addition to the reed valve block, the MALOSSI kits also contain all the small components required for installation and assembly.

We also stock the reed valve manifolds suitable for the FABRIZI racing cylinders with rubber connections (depending on design, attachment suitable for 2 or 3 hole manifold connections). This comes with the 6 valve reed valve, the aluminium connection piece and the screws necessary for installation and assembly.


Extensive modifications to the crankcase are recommended for conversion to reed valve control, you are rewarded, however, with the advantages of a control system which supplies the engine with mix irrespective of the intake control timing of the crankshaft. The engine is practically able to decide itself when it needs the mix and when it doesn't. With the suitable carburettor and corresponding peripherals, the intake manifolds for the PHBL 24/25 promise a clear gain in performance.


Conclusion: Saves the engine if the disc valve intake is damaged and gives it a boost at the same time.


SIP-TIP: A gas flowed crankshaft (e.g.: part no 46110000) is the perfect finishing touch to conversion to reed valve control. The burr (part no 61626000) helps with finer adjustments.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  215.0117 (POLINI)

22159430 69,00 €

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Carburettors, Manifold & Reed Valve

97,00 €
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400g / piece
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