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Stator Plate SIP for Vespa

50 R 2° /Special V5B1T 2°
external ignition coil,
2 coils, 6V/15W, reinforced
lighting coil,
round breaker, w/o brake light

On older Vespas the stator plates tend to be faulty. Small frame motor stator plates are no longer produced anywhere. This is why we decided to do something to resolve this situation.

The SIP stator plates are assembled by our Austrian wiring loom suppliers who thoroughly measure and test every single stator plate produced before it leaves their workshop. The ignition, light and charging coils used are 100% Italian produced. The condensers and the contact breaker itself are made by EFFE. This extensive attention to detail eliminates bad solder points, intermittent function of the coils or broken wiring on the stators. All of the coils included in this range are thoroughly checked for functionality following every stage of their production. Once they have been fully assembled they are each exposed to a fifteen minute test-run at full load on a dedicated test-bench to check reliability.

We have had new castings made to produce the aluminium base plate of the stators.

The SIP base plates are available in 6 versions to cover all small frame motors with contact breaker stator plates.


The 2 coil stator plates with an internal ignition coil have a 6V-15W lighting coil. The statorplate is exact like the original and should be used only for original restorations. No interference suppressed sparks, spark plug resitor caps and cables are allowed.


The 2 coil stator plates version with an external ignition coil has 6V-15W or 6V-25W for models with a main beamed headlight.

If you possess a tuned smallframe motor that still includes the original ignition/stator plate set up with an internal coil system we strongly recommend an upgrade to a type with external coils. The higher compression rate of tuned motors requires a stronger current to be supplied to the spark plug and this cannot be guaranteed with the use of internal coils. On engines that have internal rotor set up the use of this base plate can lead to short circuiting and ignition coil failure.


The 3 coil stator plate has along with the charging coil, lighting coils with 6V-10W for the side lights and brake lights and another with 6V-25W for the lights and horn. The version that is compatible with bar-end indicators includes a dedicated coil to take care of the indicator system (6V/18W) and the brake light is connected to the loading coil that serves the external ignition coil. The 25W lighting coil supplies the headlight, horn and the rear light with power. This small range of stator plates covers all 2&3 coil small frame motors, irrelevant of the confusion over frame numbers and wiring loom anomalies in the many countries where they were sold. We have plates for models with and without handlebar indicators.

Conclusion: At last an alternative is available to a conversion. An Italian, Austrian and German joint venture.


SIP-TIP: When ordering the stator plate with an external ignition coil do not forget to order one as well. A flywheel remover, piston stopper and degree disc make ignition work a lot easier. Check your wiring loom for defects and repair as necessary.


OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  (PIAGGIO)

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VESPA 50 R 50 V5A1T 2T AC `69-`83 853411 ->
VESPA 50 Special 50 V5B1T 2T AC `72-`75 70567 ->
VESPA 50 Special 50 V5B3T 2T AC `75-`83,00

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