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Racing Cylinder AF Rayspeed

RB25 Mono 250 cc for Lambretta
Ø 72mm, aluminium, 7 ports,
single cylinder,
RACE-TUNING, for professionals

For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!

The team at AF Rayspeed did pioneering work in the nineties with their performance cylinders for 200cc Lambretta motors. The famous 'TS 1' cylinder kit was the must-have item when providing sporting performance to any 200cc Lambretta motor. The range of 'RB' cylinders were introduced as the successor with a very hard act to follow. AF Rayspeed have also widened the range of Lambretta motors that these kits can be fitted to.


The 'RB20' is compatible with the 125/150/175cc small-block Lambretta crankcases. The 'RB22', which represents the direct modern equivalent of the 'TS 1' itself, with an identical bore of 70mm to match. The 'RB25' tops the range and facilitates an even larger capacity motor and has a bore diameter of 72mm. Due to its larger size the cylinder opening on the crankcase requires modification.


The modern design of the 'RB' cylinders includes a number of updates for the Lambretta motor. The RB cylinder have a larger reed-valve assembly with the reed-petals arranged in two rows to provide an increased inlet cross-sectional area. To make effective use of the greater volume two 'Boysen-ports' are located between the reed-valve and the transfer ports. The overall port layout provides more volume than their predecessor, although there are slight differences between the cylinders in the range.


'RB20' : 7 Transfer ports, 1 outlet port

'RB22' : 6 Transfer ports, 3 outlet ports.

'RB25' : 7 Transfer ports, 3 outlet ports.

'RB25 Mono' : 7 Transfer ports, 1 outlet port.


All of the 'RB' cylinders are constructed using aluminium with a plated bore surface and the kit includes a piston, reed-valve and manifold in the delivery.


Conclusion : Extremely powerful race-tuning cylinders for Lambrettas. This standard of cylinder deserves equally capable peripheral components, such as a high-end clutch, crankshaft, exhaust, etc.


High-end tuning / aluminium cylinder / reed-valve inlet / Boysen-ports / V-force reed-petals.


SIP - TIP : Do not forget to order a suitable cylinder head! Extremely effective cooling is provided by the 'Mammoth' cylinder heads, also by AF Rayspeed.

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Spare Parts - Racing Cylinders

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LAMBRETTA DL/ GP 200 200 22/2 2T AC 1969-1971
LAMBRETTA GP 200 SIL 200 22/2 2T AC
LAMBRETTA Jet 200 SERVETA 200 200SX 2T AC 1967-1982
LAMBRETTA SX 200 Serie 3/ X 200 Special 200 200SX 2T AC 1966-1969
LAMBRETTA TV 200 Serie 3 200 TV3 2T AC 1963-1965

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