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Tuning Kit D.R. ROAD 177 cc

for Vespa 125 GTR 2°/TS/150
Sprint 2°/V/Super 2°/PX125
-150/PE/Lusso ->'94
Ø 63mm, aluminium,
stroke 57mm,
with SIP Road, PX200 air
filter, carburettor SI 24 (w
/o separate lubrication),
ROAD-TUNING, for everyday use

For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!

The tuning jungle is big, the range of products available is massive and the possibilities are almost infinite. Over the years, a range of most wanted combinations have crystallised in the area of road tuning which fulfil the same requirements: a clear increase in performance, a better exhaust performance and higher top speed, good durability, easy installation, no or limited changes to the engine case, conversion-back possibility, and a good price performance ratio.

The Tuning Kits include most customers' and the SIP team's favourite combinations. They are a very good upgrade for the corresponding engine. They are sporty but great for touring use at the same time. They include all the necessary small components and are therefore the ideal first step for anyone with no previous knowledge of tuning whatsoever.

The ROAD Kit is the starter kit. With this kit, attention has been paid to providing a low cost package which still provides superior acceleration and a higher top speed.

The SPORT Kit contains a high rev cylinder and frequently includes a bigger carburettor. This results in more power and higher speed. The carburettors mostly come without separate lubrication. Those who mix themselves know what happens in the combustion chamber.

The carb. jetting is an approximate value and at 0 m above mean sea level, Hamburg differs from the alps. Both kits represent a sound basis for further tuning. This is always associated with a change of crankshaft, however, which involves opening the engine. If the engine is already old and has done a lot of kilometres, an engine overhaul is recommended. If you're going to open the engine, you are advised to take the opportunity to extend your tuning job to include the crankshaft and gear components.

Conclusion: Tuning kits enable beginners to save money and stress and to benefit from the tuning experience the SIP team has gained over many years.


125-177cc tuning is very thankful and reliable.

With 11 KW, the SERIE PRO kit stretches the HP category on the A1 driving license to its limit. It is also the only kit that is officially approved by the TÜV (German Ministry of Transport). With a little over 10 PS, the D.R. kit is a very good ROAD kit. The POLINI kit increases the performance from the original approx 6 HP to approx. 12 PS. The gear cog with 22 teeth transmits the higher revs into speed. Both kits are 'plug&play' tuning kits and do not involve changing the engine case. The kits for the 2 transfer ports come with a modified racing cylinder with matching cylinder base spacer. With the kits for the Vespa PX125-200 E Lusso`95->/`98/MY/`11/Cosa 2 models, the COSA 2 clutch gear wheel / friction plates are also included. The carburettors also come with separate lubrication.


ROAD KIT SERIE PRO 125cc: racing cylinder SERIE PRO 125cc with cylinder head and high-tech piston, carburettor DELL`ORTO SI 26 with separate lubrication and venturi air filter, EM racing exhaust German TÜV approval, spark plug, 3 main jets

ROAD KIT D.R: 177cc: racing cylinder D.R. 177cc, carburettor DELL`ORTO SI 24.24E from PX200 with/without separate lubrication, racing exhaust SIP ROAD, clutch gear cog 22 teeth Ø 96mm/COSA 2, spark plug, air filter SI PX200, 3 main jets, throttle slide, clutch nut/cage, ignition timing approx. 19°

SPORT KIT POLINI 177cc: racing cylinder POLINI 177cc, carburettor DELL`ORTO SI 24.24E from PX200 with/without separate lubrication, racing exhaust SIP ROAD, clutch gear cog 22 teeth Ø 96mm/COSA 2, clutch plates MALOSSI/NEWFREN, spark plug, air intake system POLINI, 3 main jets, throttle slide, clutch nut/cage, ignition timing approx. 19°


SIP-TIP: A lighter SIP flywheel or a VESPATRONIC/PARMAKIT ignition are also recommended. An Italian/English racing exhaust, a racing crankshaft, a bigger carburettor, GRAND-SPORT piston and MMW cylinder head are the next steps.

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VESPA 125 GTR 125 VNL2T 2T AC '68-'78 138957 ->
VESPA 125 TS 125 VNL3T 2T AC '75-'78
VESPA 150 Sprint 150 VLB1T 2T AC '65-'74 105200 ->
VESPA 150 Sprint Veloce 150 VLB1T 2T AC '69-'79
VESPA 150 Super 150 VBC1T 2T AC '65-'79 328129 ->
VESPA P125X 125 VNX1T 2T AC '77-'82
VESPA P150 S 150 VBX1T 2T AC '78-'90
VESPA P150X / PX150 E 150 VLX1T 2T AC '78-'85
VESPA PX125 E 125 VNX1T 2T AC '81-'83
VESPA PX125 E Lusso/EFL/Arcobaleno / Elestart 125 VNX2T 2T AC '83-'97 till 1994
VESPA PX150 E Lusso/EFL/Arcobaleno / Elestart 150 VLX1T 2T AC '83-'97 till 1994

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