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Racing Cylinder MALOSSI MK II

166 cc for Vespa 125 GTR 2°/TS
/150 Sprint 2°/V/Super 2°
Ø 61,0mm, cast iron, 7 ports,
stroke 57mm, 2 piston ring(s),
w/o cylinder head,
ROAD-TUNING, for everyday use
& reliable

For race use only. Not admitted in the area of the German StVZO!

High revs plus adrenaline! Both are guaranteed with the all-new MALOSSI 166cc performance cylinder kit. This kit possesses the largest capacity that MALOSSI produce for the smaller PX motors and is praised and renowned for its surging mid-range power. The strength of this sudden power-band means caution must be advised to avoid wheelying out of control during the test ride! The inclusion of taller gearing means fast lane motorway action, with speeds up to 130 kph easily achievable.

This high-end cast-iron performance cylinder possesses, with its seven transfer ports, triple-channel boost port and ASSO piston (including sport orientated 1.2mm thin piston rings), everything the heart of a true tuner desires. The unique design of the MALOSSI cylinder head includes an extremely effective squish band and an o-ring gasket system, making it a real highlight of this cylinder kit assembly.


This updated and redesigned MK II version replaces its predecessor completely. The main difference to the previous design can be found in the completely reworked and enlarged channels and windows of both the transfer and boost ports. Other elements of the kit though, such as the port timings and the comprehensive range of peripheral components originally included, remain identical. This port tuning update really is the icing on the cake in terms of performance, with similar modifications already well established amongst tuners as necessary in order to release its full potential. This update means these obvious improvements are now available from the MALOSSI factory as standard!


To bring the peripheral components up to the standard that this kit deserves we first recommend an upgrade of the original 20mm SI carb to a 24mm item from DELLORTO, or even better a 28 or 30mm diameter unit. A performance orientated exhaust type such as the SIP Road, MALOSSI, SITO Plus is also advisable, or even go the whole hog and invest in a full-blown hand welded expansion chamber. To further optimise the whole tuning project at least a racing or even long-stroke crankshaft also makes a lot of sense along with a stronger clutch. If a higher top speed is required you could also do with a taller overall gear ratio provided by either DRT, POLINI or MALOSSI gearbox components and/or a wide tyre conversion. With a reworked and optimised cylinder coupled with a fat expansion chamber pipe you can go out hunting MALOSSI 210cc cylinder tuners...


Conclusion: Even though this kit has less cc than its immediate competitors these MALOSSI cylinders provide an absolute guarantee of riding fun combined with real-world power and performance. This kit is designed to run at high rpm and consequently deserves suitable upgrades to all the relevant peripheral components such as the carb, crankshaft, clutch and exhaust.


Cast iron cylinder / 61mm bore / 7 transfer ports / 166.58cc

Cast iron cylinder, 57mm stroke, boost port with three port openings, piston includes two wedge section 1.2mm piston rings, factory produced MALOSSI cylinder head is included in the kit, to exploit the full potential that this cylinder can provide the crankcase porting should be modified to match those on the base of the cylinder. For safe and enduring use of this kit do not forget to check and adjust the jetting of the carb and the timing of the ignition.


SIP–TIP: A 24mm DELLORTO SI carb, a SIP Road performance exhaust and a strengthened clutch unit represent the absolute minimum of peripheral components required in order to do this high end cylinder conversion justice. A taller overall gear ratio and a race crankshaft with either 57 or 60mm con rod are also highly recommended. The inclusion of an expansion chamber exhaust system such as the SIP Performance, RZ or SCORPION, a 28mm + carb and a high end ignition system (SIP Performance, PARMAKIT, etc.) in your motors set up enables a much higher level of performance to be achieved. This cylinder kit is also ideal in combination with a reed valve manifold conversion, including all the necessary crankcase modifications.


SIP community user "4phonia"

"A wicked kick in the behind at high revs and even with just a 24mm SI an even wickeder power band to guarantee wide smiles! When the jetting and ignition are properly set up it will reward with long service and durability."

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  3116417 (MALOSSI)

40000000 85,00 €

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28532800 85,00 €

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Racing Cylinder 125-150cc, 3 ports

189,00 €
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