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heggie schrieb tubeless stuff
am Mo, Jun 6 2011 1:13

did you see - sip tubless spare. - posted in the community? check it out. and, how are you doing? later, heggie

rabmccomb schrieb Sip tubeless
am So, Jun 5 2011 21:12

I recently got 2 off these sip tubeless for my px200e. Upon reading some of this forum, people where asking can you put tubeless on the spare wheel bracket under your panel. The answer is yes. When i first tried to put it on the studs where to short. Easy so fix. Add 2 m8 spacers, same as on the engine head for the cowling unto the 2 studs. Then put an M8 bolt from the back of the bracket at the bottom hole. Use 2 M8 bolts and one M8 nut to secure wheel. Job done. A 10 minute fix

heggie schrieb thanks a million
am Mi, Apr 20 2011 19:11


thanks for checking. i posted a response to your post - check it out. but basically i said that i'm going to try to get some photos of my friends tubeless spare set up to see how/why it works for him. maybe his scoots have longer stock studs? and he didn't mention it when i emaild him about it, but maybe he's running his spare without the nuts too. i also agree that it would be nice if SIP had a solution for this problem. or atleast say the rims may not work as a spare. - i don't recall them saying any thing like that, do you? SIP could definately include more detailed info on some/many of the products they sell.

so, has the weather gotten any better over there? it snowed in the chicagoland area saturday, yesterday, and a little bit this morning. (it's april! enuff snow already!!)i've only ridden my stella twice so far this season. it's killing me.

and maybe all the culhanes did move out of ireland... i don't know much about my birth dads family. at least it is good to know that it sounds irish.

have a good scootering season and keep in touch. later, heggie

heggie schrieb tubeless spare
am Do, Apr 7 2011 0:32


no worries-no hurries! don't be sorry at all. i was just checking in with you. if you've been keeping up with the post... i finally got ahold of my friend that is running sip 2.5 tubeless rims, and he said they do fit in the spare/cowl area. i was just hoping you could just double check and confirm what he told me. no problems- just let us know when you get a chance. and i can totally relate to the bad weather. same situation for me over here.i haven't ridden my stella since early november 2010! been waiting for months for spring to come, but winter just doesn't want to let go.

thanks again for your help. and don't rush it. heggie

p.s. do you know anybody, or heard of the name "culhane"? that was my fathers last name. it's sappose to be irish.

heggie schrieb tubeless spare
am Di, Apr 5 2011 0:17


did you try your tubrless rim in your spare/cowl area this weekend? i finally got ahold of my friend that has the sip tubeless and he said it fit in his px150 spare area, but it would be nice to have a second conformation on this. thanks, heggie

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