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schrieb 12" wheel conversion
am Mi, Feb 6 2013 1:55
Did you ever do the 12" wheel conversion on the LML? I am looking into that option as well. [email protected]
vader19 schrieb Hey
am Mi, Jul 27 2011 21:01

Hey there... I just moved to Chicago.  I really want that set up too, big $,  Did you get it all figured out... I know ordering stuff is a pain sometimes (translations are confusing)

Anyway, I just wanted to know if you did the 12" conversion and how much of a bear it was... 


qathafi schrieb Tubeless Spare Update
am Mi, Apr 20 2011 11:25

Hey heggie...

Just got a chance to try on the tubeless rim on the spare wheel. I've posted a reply on the thread: http://www.sip-scootershop.com/community/forums/p/412671/2350528.aspx#2350528

Hope this helps. As for your surname, there's a very high probability that its Irish but strangely enough, I've never met an Irish person by that name in Ireland! Maybe all the Culhanes have moved Stateside Big Smile

qathafi schrieb Tubeless Spare
am Di, Apr 5 2011 11:20

Hey Aggie...

Sorry for not coming back to you on this. Weather's been horrible here in Dublin over the weekend so, I didn't actually get a chance to work on the PX. Will try again this weekend and hopefully the weather's better then...fingers crossed!

fajes schrieb thank you
am Mi, Mrz 9 2011 10:07

if you mean my avatar, she moves too!! :)

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