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Ralf 's Comments

Superjazzjazz wrote Deine gelbe Rally
on Do, Aug 29 2019 10:43

Hallo Ralf,

bin mir nicht 100% sicher, ob Dir die gelbe Rally gehört, die auf dem YouTube Video von dem SIP Trip in die Champagne zu sehen ist (Kennzeichen LL TI 9).

Wenn ja, welche Farbe ist das genau?

Würde mich über eine kurze Rückmeldung freuen!

Schöne Grüße - Thomas

wrote 20
on Do, Aug 24 2017 22:07
Tupamaro wrote Länge Bremsleitung
on Di, Feb 10 2015 11:36

Hallo Ralf,

an dem blauen Racer existierte ja irgendwann einmal am Hinterrad eine Scheibenbremse die halbhydraulisch über einen Geber unter der rechten Seitenhaube angesteuert wurde. Kannst du sagen wie lang die Stahlflexleitung ungefähr war die hinten an den Bremssattel führte?

mireille wrote Hello
on Mo, Nov 3 2014 10:53

My name is Mireille.i saw your profile today at ww.sip-scootershop.com and became interested in you,i will also like to know more about you if can mail me at my email address so that i will give you my photo and tell you more about me this is my email {[email protected]} from here.we can move above


Siefers wrote Pk 125?
on Fr, Apr 27 2012 0:37
heggie wrote 12" wheel converion for stella 2t
on So, Mai 15 2011 0:34

what happened to the 12" wheel conversion for a stella 2t?

heggie wrote 12" wheel conversion for stella/lml 2t
on Mi, Mai 11 2011 0:05


what has happeded to the 12"/gts/glorious basterd wheel conversion? are you no longer offering it?do you have any parts left? is it going to come back? please let me know. thanks, heggie

heggie wrote 12"/gts wheel conversion
on Mo, Mai 2 2011 13:23

what has happened to the 12"/gts wheel conversion? i wanted to do this to my 09 stella 2 stroke. the glorious basterd info seems to be gone too. is this project dead? is it to late to do the 12"/gts wheel conversion? did i miss my chance?

thanks, heggie

heggie wrote 12' gts conversion
on Mo, Mrz 28 2011 3:45

hi ralf, i've been trying to get a complete parts list with parts #s to do this conversion on my 09 stella 2t. i've tried the forums, but no help. i've also tried emailing sip admin., but no help. i know i need to get #242774j0, #3904j00 (both of those kits come with rims correct?), and #6288000. is there anything else i'm not seeing? i don't exactly understand why sip doesn't offer a COMPLETE conversion option... it's all just individual parts-and i don't want to miss anything. why not make a whole group with ALL the parts to make it easier?

i've also been trying to get info on the water cooled head for p200/px200 for like 5 or 6 months and can't seem to get info on all the parts and part #s i need to get for that either. as a matter of fact... i can't seem to get any of my tech question answered by sip. and looking on the forums, i don't seem to be the only one with this problem. it's great that you have a great selection of products. it's great that you reinvest in the scoot scene by developing and building new products. (like the 12"/gts conversion.) but getting answers to tech questions would be really REALLY helpful. for example-someone has been asking if the sip tubeless rim will fit in the spare tire cowl of a px, but isn't getting an answer. well, it seems to me that sip should be able to answer that in about two second time.(about twenty second including posting it.) you did answer my question about free shipping, and i really do thank you for that answer, but it wasn't a tech question.

am i doing something wrong here? i try the forums first. i ask questions on the forums. but it would be hellpful to get an answer from sip itself on tech question. you are selling the parts i'm asking questions about afterall. thanks, heggie

pxoli wrote Tacho
on Sa, Feb 12 2011 22:39
Chriscoot wrote SS180 with P2 engine
on Di, Feb 1 2011 16:19

Hi Ralf,

Im doing the exact same restoration with my SS180 and I will be adding a P2 engine. Can you tell me which SIP wire loom you used for convertion and which light switch/brake switch you also used?? Any help much required, danke Chris

motohead wrote model of scooter
on Sa, Jul 17 2010 15:45

hi ralf i have a 90cc piaggio to restore i think it,s about 1968 it look,s like the one in your picture but i dont know the model if you could let me know what modle your,s is that might help me in getting part,s  thank you motohead

Rafael wrote P200 wiring for SS180 switch
on Do, Jul 15 2010 11:34

Dear Ralf,

My friend has put a Sprint/SS180 (w/o battery) handlebar on his P200 (Don't ask me why).


Anyway, now he is stuck with wiring on the switch. Since you've made a successful implant of P200 on the SS180 frame which has the same switch, can you please give me a little info on how to do it. He has P200 w/harness with plue/black out of stator. Thanks.

hannes wrote lift...
on Di, Feb 16 2010 1:03

hello ralf,


i saw your restauration project of the 180ss on the sip forum, and i was wondering witch kind of lift you are using there?

what is the brand an price of this?


thanks ,hannes.


sigrist wrote Achse VNL1T
on So, Nov 29 2009 11:36

hallo schrauber

möchte meine Vespa VNL 1T j.64 (schweizer version) restaurieren.

kannst du mir sagen wie ich die vorderradachse aus der schwinge entfernen kann?

hab gelesen ich soll sie mit einem dorn und hammer entfernen, kann mir nicht vorstellen dass gewalt das richtige ist für eine achse!?

besten dank



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