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Nicht beantwortet Help with motorbike touring and paragliding..

Letzter Beitrag Do, Jun 14 2018 15:34 von MichaelSmith. 0 Antworten.
  • Do, Jun 14 2018 15:34

    Help with motorbike touring and paragliding..



    Due to the nature, weight and size of a paraglider, it seems difficult to be able to find a motorbike to carry such a large piece of luggage, along with clothes, provisions and other gear. We would like to make a tour from England to the Alps, and further afield in the years to come, but we have yet to know if it has been done before, and in fact, how it has been done. We'd probably be riding 650cc touring bikes. If you know of a club or individual who has achieved this then please let me know! My current theory is that the paraglider could be stored in its bag inside a pannier on the bike, but the Woody Valley harness I have is, reassuringly, rather bulky with the seat board and Cygnus airbag stiffener. How would this be succured and protected with the bike? 


    Please help.


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