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2016 Primavera 150cc in New York, USA

Letzter Beitrag Do, Jul 13 2017 3:50 von Ray Mara. 0 Antworten.
  • Do, Jul 13 2017 3:50

    Huh? [:^)] 2016 Primavera 150cc in New York, USA

    Hello, I'm a proud owner of a new Primavera and I'm having so much fun with it. I'm starting to do some performance modifications to it and have added a Malossi exhaust system. I have also changed the stock Variator 14.5g rollers with Dr. Pulley 9.5g sliders. The acceleration gains are quite impressive. However, I still cannot get higher top speeds and can only get 70mph.https://youtu.be/nzsr99Jqx5w


    I'm wondering if the iten for sale here at SIP, is compatible with my Vespa.

    Variator DR. PULLEY for Vespa


    /GT/GT L 125-200ccm, also
    for PIAGGIO Leader 125-200cc 4
    -stroke AC/LC
    20x15 mm, 6 rollers, 12,0


    any comments?  Thanks!

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