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Polini Trasmission Evolution 3!!!!!

Letzter Beitrag Fr, Mai 18 2012 14:28 von colla84. 0 Antworten.
  • Fr, Mai 18 2012 14:28

    Polini Trasmission Evolution 3!!!!!

    Polini Evolution 3 Trasmission normal and Ceramic Pulley, THE BEST YOU CAN GIVE!

    100% made in Italy the new Polini Evolution 3 “CERAMIC Speed drive” for 50cc
    scooters equipped with Piaggio and Minarelli-Yamaha engines.
    Made of aluminum light alloy it is machined direct from the block and weighs only 500 gr. lighter than the steel pulleys and subjected to a special ceramization treatment.
    This is an innovative and exclusive feature that brings great advantages: besides more power transmission, the working temperatures decrease and consequently the belt grip is better.
    The performance is really high and due to the stability of its efficiency this helps to avoid any loss of power during the race.
    Our tests demonstrated that the pulleys must have a proper roughness: for the driven half pulleys it is of 4 micron.
    These values were obtained after different tests which allowed us to exploit the performance limiting the belt wear. During the race testing the speed increase is immediately noticeable thanks to the grip improvement with faster acceleration when exiting corners.

    Ceramic products: 244.0578 Piaggio;
    244.0579 Minarelli-Yamaha.
    In order to contain the costs and satisfy the needs of all the riders with standard
    engines, a series of aluminum pulleys machined from a block (without ceramization
    treatment) are available
    Standard products:
    244.0573 Piaggio;
    244.0574 Minarelli-Yamaha,
    100% Made in Italy






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