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T5 Malossi 172

Letzter Beitrag Mi, Jun 12 2019 21:14 von Sharna. 0 Antworten.
  • Mi, Jun 12 2019 21:14

    T5 Malossi 172

    Hi I Would appreciate help for setting up engine. I have fitted 172 kit / MRP 172 Cylinder Head/opened up inlet port in cases to open at 120 btdc not changed closing timings / not cut or removed any material from standard crank/matched carb box and inlet port / matched barrel and cases / gearing is standard because we live in spain where there are lots of hills,windy and lots of curves in roads. Mostly carrying 2 people I have fitted a SIP Road XL exhaust with a 130 main jet.all other jets are standard. I think i need a bigger idle jet because the air mixture seems to not change much and possible either bigger mid range jets because the plug is very light when ridding 1/3 throttle for along time also it seems the vibrate when going faster than 105 KPH under power ease of the throttle down hill at 110 and vibration stops . i have tried 15 /16 and 17  degrees BTDC smaller main jets ran out of ideas Any help would be great. Thanks Mark 

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