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Nicht beantwortet full wave stator

Letzter Beitrag Mo, Mai 6 2019 12:31 von phattanglo. 0 Antworten.
  • Mo, Mai 6 2019 12:31

    full wave stator

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to the forum and I'd like to introduce myself. Relatively speaking I'm pretty new to scoots as my background was more bikes, in particular it was old Brit bikes until the prices got ridiculous.

    I have to say I'm enjoying the scooter experience and I've always had a soft spot for 2 strokes.

    My PX 125 is currently my everyday transport for commuting but in a few years time when I'm retired I plan to turn it into a thing of beauty .

    One question I would like to ask is regarding full wave conversions.

    I have read a few articles about modifying a stator to produce full instead of half wave AC and as my PX is from 2012 it has the Kokusan 12 coil stator and I wondered if anyone has been able to modify this stator  to produce full wave.

    Cheers for now Kev.

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