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Nicht beantwortet PI62346307 Top Case PIAGGIO

Letzter Beitrag Mi, Jun 3 2020 20:22 von Maudid. 2 Antworten.
  • Mi, Jun 3 2020 20:22 Antwort zu

    Top Case PIAGGIO

    Fits perfectly with the luggage rack I got and great addition to my scooter.
    Getting the oEM product is so much nicer looking and gives the scooter attitude.
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  • Di, Jan 10 2017 22:21 Antwort zu


    Beautiful box and looks fantastic


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  • Mi, Nov 2 2016 21:08

    PI62346307 Top Case PIAGGIO

    Color Match Is Perfect
    This is a nice Top Case for the S150. I had a FACO luggage rack and never used it and wanted something that would hold a helmet when parked. This is a complete kit and looks great. the latch doesn't line up perfectly but it's not bad, just need to remember to align the latch as I'm closing the box, not a big concern. Looks great on my scooter.
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