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Nicht beantwortet Sip Road 2.0 , stand problem?

Letzter Beitrag Fr, Jul 25 2014 5:47 von heggie. 1 Antworten.
  • Fr, Jul 25 2014 5:47 Antwort zu

    Re: Sip Road 2.0 , stand problem?

    i put the sip road on my 2005 genuine stella and have no problems with it interfering with the center stand. i would think it would fit the same on your PX.

    as far as i can tell the "2.0" now has - "The SIP Road 2.0 now also possesses the elegant feature of not only being able to be fixed with a traditional exhaust clamp, but additionally a spring-fixing system can also be used to avoid damaging the more delicate exhaust-stub outlets of race cylinders" i believe that is the only difference from the first version.

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  • Do, Jul 24 2014 16:14

    Sip Road 2.0 , stand problem?

    Hello everybody!

    I am thinking to put the Sip Road 2.0 on my 2011 PX 150cc, but I read that it doesnt let the stand fold completely. Is that true? How do we tackle this problem?

    Also can somebody tell me what the "2.0" stands for? Is it some kind of improved version?


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