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Letzter Beitrag Fr, Jun 12 2015 11:27 von Martin-SIP. 2 Antworten.
  • Fr, Nov 8 2013 18:50

    New delivery service

    Since changing to UPS the deliveries are taking longer first couple of times took two or three days standard service now they are taking 5 days and it is even now advertised as a five day service.


    Before DHL advertised it as a three day service and more often or not it would take that long.


    We want a better service not a worst one, some of us have to compete for business to keep our customers happy or they go else where.


    we don't want to have to pay more for a quicker service as this cuts our margins down or we have to start looking elsewhere to keep our costs down or supplier times down.

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  • Do, Mai 21 2015 0:57 Antwort zu

    Re: New delivery service

    Service is getting worse! ordered parts Monday so they would arrive by Friday, Only just sent out today and according to estimated delivery won't arrive till next Tuesday. Priority service my Arse.

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  • Fr, Jun 12 2015 11:27 Antwort zu

    AW: Re: New delivery service

    Hello David,


    Could you please give us your customer number so we can check the delays? If you prefer DHL service, please leave a note with each order in the message box and we will switch to DHL. You can also email me directly [email protected]


    Best regards,



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