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Nicht beantwortet FA0020 Luggage Rack rear, FA

Letzter Beitrag Mi, Jun 3 2020 20:20 von Maudid. 5 Antworten.
  • Mi, Jun 3 2020 20:20 Antwort zu

    Luggage Rack rear, FA

    High quality product.
    Fits perfectly, great replacement for my original grab bar and giving me more storage area.
    Easy to install.
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  • Mo, Sep 2 2019 23:33 Antwort zu

    Fits bubble perfectly

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  • So, Dez 27 2015 6:23 Antwort zu

    Fit with original parts

    The luggage rack is very sturdy and attractive but the Vespa logo that covers the mounting screws doesn't fit well. I had to change to a different screw which is better but still not as solid a fit as I would like.
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  • Mo, Jul 29 2013 1:35 Antwort zu

    A bit of a difficult fit

    Bought it specifically for the top box. Was a difficult fit but it did fit eventually.

    It was also a little bit rusty as well which is a little concerning...

    It's much cheaper than the Piaggio rack though.
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  • Do, Mai 23 2013 18:47 Antwort zu

    2013 LX-150ie - doesn't fit precisely

    I had to bend the rack, because the upper holes were misaligned by about 0.5 inches (rack was too short). It wasn't easy to do so without damaging the finish. It worked at the end.
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  • Sa, Apr 21 2012 9:18

    FA0020 Luggage Rack rear, FA

    luggage rack fa
    good chrome and in the name of quality FA.Italia

    Scooter Manifesto - www.ScooterVIP.com

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